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Have you ever tried Kayle as a Hybrid carry Champion?

Yes, i love her 12 100%
No, never interested before 0 0%
Why? she is made for support 0 0%
Voters 12 .

Mid Kayle, underated maybe? Hybrid Power OP

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Henry Bogard

Junior Member


  1. 1st Doran´s ring
  2. 2. Amplifiying tome
  3. 3. Boots-Berserker greaves
  4. 4. Blasting Wand
  5. 5. Zeal
  6. 6. Stinger
  7. 7. Nashors Tooth
  8. 8. Guisnoos Rageblade
  9. 9. Trinity Force
  10. 10. Hextech Gunblade
  11. 11. Sell Doran´s Ring and get Frozen Mallet or another Hextech if you got good tanks on your team

"Hybrid Build" 350 Victories Level 30 Summoner Growth on level just with Kayle and knowing her as a Carry Champion that people underestimate.

Note: Runes are Marks of Destruction and Alacrity, Seals of mana regen and Alacrity, Glyphs of Cooldown Reduction and 1 or 2 of magic penetration, quintescense are Destruction, Health Regen and Vampirism, (you can switch destruction for movement speed if you feel she is a little slow)

Masteries: All the attack line 1st, 2nd and 3rd from top to bot when you get to 30

Spells: Surge/Ghost, Ghost can be changed for Flash or Exhaust if you want, but surge is the most important one for this Hybrid Build
Why Surge? most of the "experimented" summoners on the fields of justice ask... they say thats a bad spell but no, if you combine Kayle´s Passive+Guisnoos Rageblade effects+Surge effects, it gives you gradually increased Damage Output

Important: If you doing right, they will focus you always, so when you engage be sure to use your "R" right in the time before they can stun you, you will be doing then Triple kills and up.

Hope this is useful for ya all. Your Friend Henry Bogard never left kayle since level 3 as a summoner, so i got my master´s degree on her or something like that.

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Senior Member


I know a kale top is a terrifying thing to go up against, but she falls pretty hard late game.

Same with mid?