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LF team to "go pro" in Season 3

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Hey guys... I'm currently looking for a team with the intent of being top 32 by December 27th (as i'm sure most people are)... The positions I can play are ADC/Mid/Support... I am an EXTREMELY consistent player... I farm 10 per minute and keep my deaths very low... My play schedule is as follows...

Monday - 2:30pm - 11pm
Tuesday - 7am - 6pm
Wednesday - 2:30pm - 11pm
Thursday - 9am - 11pm
Friday - 11am - 11pm
Saturday - 7am - 11pm
Sunday - 7am - 11pm

***EST Time Zone***

Since the goal is to be top 32, I believe this will take A LOT of ranked games and A LOT of practice... I'm looking for a very active team that practices almost everyday for several hours each day... (I consider Ranked Practice since it is not a tournament, and therefore in theory practice)

I have Skype, Raidcall, Mumble, Vent, and can download anything else needed for communication purposes...

Please feel free to add me on Skype (iBleuSkyy) or in game (NRG iBleuSkyy)