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Can't reconnect to game/ can't connect at all.

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I joined a q with some friends 5v5 normal match and we all chose our champions, then when the time ended and we were about to start loading my game minimized like normal but the loading screen never popped up.

It just had the option to reconnect to game. Every time I clicked it, it would just minimize the game.
(while they were playing I kept restarting the client and my comp and nothing would work)

So after the game was over I relaunched the client and went back to the main menu.

I tried to join a tutorial in the battle grounds just to see if it would work, and the same thing happened. It just minimized the game and the screen went black. Then it says please reconnect. After about 5 mins it would go back to the main menu screen again.

Please Help
I know this is a common issue right now that resolves over time, but this is really annoying.

EDIT: I can't even spectate it says "game still in progress" wtf.

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Same here bro, find out anything?