League of Legends Rap (Pancake Rap Parody)

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Bored one night, went on and just started writing. I eventually came down to making a League version of the Pancake Rap by Mac Lethal. Check out what you think of it.

P.S: I'm too lazy now to fix grammar and punctuation :P. Also, I'm pretty sure that it doesn't rhyme nor have proper syllables but whatever, late night one shot rap O.P.

Battlebunny Riven, Red Baron Corki,
Gotta signon with my keyboard and when youíre put into a queue gotta make sure to qq harder.
yeah, yeah, these noobs look like my breakfast
gotta remember to roam down to bottom lane after beatin it for 30 seconds
yordles love me, i got my mushroom
everyone said to follow up when they gank and i say IíM OOM
but imma pick up my game real real fast until the surrender vote comes out
and Iím challenging draven, riven, and nasus, ANY of you O.P champs
IM SNOWBALLING! (repeat line above)
tee-mo broke up with tristana so hes lookin for another silly idiotic hoe that he can beat up,
i wish he was man enough to get inside the rift with me, id knock him out like a platinum alistar.
blind dart to the face just by me pressing my q
wink at katarina baby, show me your d-cups
im stickin right to the plan, engage is ready for the can,
Jarvan be ulting, Ori be shocking, and without warning
Gotta push another objective and take the Baron buff for a couple minutes before its done
aint nobody ****ing with this champ so tell malphite imma kill em with cass ult, turn em to stone
come come get auto attacked even more, hit a minion with a malz e when it splits to you,
take another visit in a minute lee where my jungle is prepared with the counter gank Q-R-W-E, DOUBLE KILL
youíre named reginald when i belittle you as teemo in the world championships as i get first blood on you like battle bandle city big boom from ziggs with a global ult, global, gold, golden, ghost, BOOM!
im the king rammus betta run get taunted when iím sentimental and amumu ult you
im thinking bout my playstyle PASSIVE its so AGGRESSIVE
these players think their champs U.P, RAISE YOUR DONGERS!
I gotta manage my version of Valoran
a line drawing the line of balance
aint suitable i gotta go to Noxus for a little bit of violence or somethin beautiful, but theres nothing beautiful about that world
gonna pucker up my lips to barf
gonna choke a ****ing teemo in his hipster scarf
im never gonna stop fantasizing about this game literally if it isnít my favorite and it grips the heart.