Tribunal Administration.

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Hello, Summoners!

I would like to suggest... Giving a type of Administration within the Tribunal.. That way noticed cases which should have been deemed otherwise such as a "Punish" rather than Pardon.. Can be taken care of by these specific individuals...

Or... Possibly an ability for those such as myself which review the cases even after the decision as been made to clarify the decision.. Given the ability is seen otherwise of that decision given, being able to Flag it for you guys to go over it?

I know that the flagging part would be more frustrating seeing as how you would have to have a specific group to do that, and probably have all of your employees already tied up with a bunch of other things..

Which is why I suggest possibly having certain individuals administration privileges to overturn a decision either to Pardon/Punish if the ""agreed decision"" was false... Despite the case which I have presented 2 of the cases as you can see should have been deemed Punished, yet was not... It's an obvious Punish as-well...

Or even maybe, certain individuals given the ability to flag cases that has already been decided on for you all too look at.. I think having everyone the ability to do that considering everyone pretty much goes through all the cases, would be a lot of hassle..

Anyway.. Tell me what you think. I would love as much feedback as possible.

Thank you.

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Bump! =)