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"Almost No One" didn't read past game 1

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Thats sad.. Kajic is actually going out of his way to get another player BANNED just for leaving a game. You know there's a leaver system that takes care of this right? It's funny how you're actually a big enough ******* to actually do this, You know this is somebodys personal free time you are messing with? They had a long day at school or work and want to play a game and you're actually going out of you're way to make a forum post to get him banned. You sir, are in my eyes a reason that this community is ****.

I'm glad you actually took the time to read all of my posts. Let me highlight a particular statement I made:

""And these are the cases that I wish we could say "Pardon" "Punish" or "Warn", because I definitely would just like a little heads-up email saying "Bro, we know real life calls and such like that, just a heads up that frequently doing this will result in action""

I have sympathy towards when these are infrequent but people who make a habit of this can ruin the game for other players. I was asking the community's clarification on how to handle leaver cases.

And also, you're the one person from that other thread that got banned and bumped their thread needlessly even though you were clearly breaking the Summoner's Code. You really have no foot to stand on calling anyone else the reason the community is bad. Also, cut out the curse words, you help your case in no way.

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Twisted Fox

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Yes game 1 isn't punishable. In fact the typed excuse for the report is chuckle worthy.

Game two he is an obvious leaver. This should at least warrant a warning, but considering it only took two reports to get him to Tribunal, I'm sure he's had a history of this. Can we get someone to re-look at this case please?

enemy team reported him in game 2. His own team didn't. In fact it seems a majority of them Q together and are trolling. Possibly all 5 qued together. Only cho has non troll items.

All we know is no one on his team reported him. It is okay to afk/leave a game if u are in a 5 man que and they are fine with it. The game play was not ruined for anyone. Do we know if he 5 man Q with his friend and had to go? We don't. All we know, again, is no one on his team reported or even complained about him afking.
When there is room for uncertainty, better to err on the side of innocence.
I think a pardon is fine.