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November MCCC - The Inside is Bigger than the Outside

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Please do not post here to advertise champions.

Welcome to November's Monthly Champion Creation Contest! This is a four-week contest to see who can create the most complete and best champion concept within a given set of parameters.

Your hosts this month are yours truly, ObscureClockwork. I will be judging you this month, after hosting last month and having a great time. This is a really fun contest; I hope a lot of you join in.

As far as judging goes, just like last month, we will (hopefully) have more than one judge. We will be judges, and we will try to have 2-3 more. As done before, if you wish to be a judge, review a non-winning champion from the October MCCC using this month’s judging rubric. We will be accepting additional judges, and I wont accept someone who is not a good reviewer. Remember, if you judge, you cannot compete in the competition!

Week 1: Abilities!
Contestants must come up with an Innate (Passive), Q, W, E, and R for their champion. They must relate to the theme and be unique. No numbers are required at this point, but descriptions of the ability's mechanics (if they aren't obvious) will help. AFTER WEEK 1, SIGN-UPS ARE CLOSED.

Week 2: Lore!
Write the background story for your champion, like the Lore of current canon champions. Roughly 400-500 words in a two- to three- paragraph format works best, and can be adjusted even after Prelims.

Champions who do not meet the theme and challenges will be eliminated, as will champions who lack lore or are missing abilities. Those who pass move on to Weeks 3 and 4.

Week 3: Stats!
Contestants must develop base stats and stats related to their abilities during this week.

Week 4: Judging
Judgment week! Contestants will be eliminated until the winner and runner-ups have been found; they will be judged using this rubric:

Abilities: (X/25)
Do the abilities work well together, resulting in fun combos for summoners to employ? Are the numbers balanced compared to similar abilities? Is each ability worth putting points in?

Story: (X/5)
Does the story fit sense and fit in with other champions' Lore? Does the story adequately explain the champion's abilities? Is it within a reasonable length?

Stats: (X/5)
Are the Champion's stat numbers within reason? Are they within the proper boundaries and neither too big nor too small? Do they fit the champion's intended role? Does the champions base stats fit with the rest of the champions in the league (30 magic resist, no base AP, etc.).

Gameplay: (X/5)
Does the champion as a whole make people want to play it? Is it fun to play as? Is it fun to play against? Is it different from champions that already exist in the game? Is the interface and targeting confusing or streamlined? Do enemies have some way to counterplay your mechanics, or are they dead no matter how well they play? Note: if they are dead no matter how they play, that’s bad.

Extra Credit (Up to 1 point):
Does the champion have anything that makes them special? Quotes, icons, splash art, suggested items, animation suggestions, or something else like that. Each additional section that is done well grants .5 bonus points, but you can only get two of these, and your maximum score cannot go above 40. For the champion to get any extra credit, they have to have actually put time into it.

Theme and Challenges
Did the Champion and his/her abilities fit the Theme? Do they satisfy the challenges mapped out for them? Champions who cannot pass the Theme and Challenges are disqualified, and that’s that.

- - -

Week 1: November 3 – November 10
Week 2: November 10 – November 17
Prelims: November 17 - November 18
Week 3: November 18 – November 24
Judging: November 23 – November 30

There's no limit on how many people can sign up for Week 1, but champions without complete lore or abilities will be eliminated.


In addition, if you fail to complete your abilities and/or story by the time their respective weeks end, you will be eliminated. Don't argue - you've been warned. Just for clarification, however, you CAN scrap/edit a champion concept and start over after week 1 is over so long as you met the deadlines for your previous champion(s). However, you cannot do this once Week 2 has ended.

This doesn't mean you have to "come up with an idea before coming up with an idea". You can post lore and stats early, you just need four abilities and an innate up. Even if they don't meet the challenges, I won't disqualify you for that after week 1. I only check the theme/challenges part during prelims and judging.

Now, onto the Theme and Challenges!

The inside is bigger than the outside!: The theme this month is this quote, which some may recognize from Doctor Who. Your champion must have at least 2 abilities that fits this theme [the inside is bigger than the outside] (including passive). be creative!. Maybe its a spell effect where the center does more damage than the outside? Or have a slow that extends past its detection radius (like if you go inside, you will have to walk farther out to not be slowed) I will be looking forward to your expression of this theme
Tell me if this is too harsh. ill happily lower it if it is the consensus

Relative Dimension: To have the inside bigger than the outside, you must have a dimension that is expressed inside the outside! Your champion must have a dimension to it expressed relative to another factor! this includes effects like Irelia's passive, or Darius's movement speed buff from bleed. Have fun!

Time and Space!: Imagine how much space i could fit into somewhere if the inside was larger than the outside! Manipulating dimensions such as these and the dimension of time is a difficult task. Your champion must master this art and have an ability related to spacial manipulation and/or temporal manipulation. maybe you can displace enemies? or you can create zones of larger space, causing champions to be slower? up to you!

As judges, we cannot enter our own contest, neither can any of the judges, but if you have any questions about the requirements I am happy to answer them. If you want to learn how to design a good champion look here
it contains amazing information that will revolutionize how you design champions.

Don’t forget, no using already existing champions, as that defeats the purpose.

Good Luck and Have Fun! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

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Senior Member



  • ObscureClockwork
  • Prototypetwo
  • matrixEXO
  • Pg-1 GrimVesperian
    Mirae, Mistress of Puzzlebox
  • Pg-1 The5lacker
    Jo, Chaos Theorist
  • Pg-1 SilverNinjaShado
    Balthizar, The Element Twister
  • Pg-2 Munkey20
    Tella, the Phase Hunter
  • Pg-2 Luninareph
    Astraios, the Caller of Storms
  • Pg-3 Flintlock
    Calnor, The Lost Sorceror
  • Pg-3 Espy Psyche
    Carla Lynn, the Arrow of Time
  • Pg-4 kaotics2075
  • Pg-4 Hi I Like Cats
    Astrum, the Solar Origin
  • Pg-5 xAsakix
    Santiago, the Seer of Truth
  • Pg-5 Sigismund
    Vacc, The Exterminator Extraordinaire
  • Pg-7 NA Rukhron
  • Pg- 8 Nomir
    Nena, Time's Mistress
  • Pg-9 Dalrix
    Artemis The Portal Master
  • Pg-9 phocomelus
    Sorirart, Drinker of Time
  • Pg-10 Fungusfingers
    Vretsar, The Chronowarrior
  • Pg-11 Raptamei
    Nycta, Unseelie Queen
  • Pg-11 MonGoonGo
    Mongongo, the Nut Horder.
  • Pg-12 Oventoasted
    Charade, the Master Thief
  • Pg-12 SuperSulf

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The Red Goat

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How do you sign up?

Also the theme is a little vague. Do you mean that "Doctor Who" is the theme or that messing with dimensions and time is the theme?

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I have a question: Would it count towards the theme if the spells interacted with each other to create effects within zones placed by a previous effect?

For example, Spell A places Zone 1 in an area and deals a slowing effect or something. Spell B creates Zone 2 in an area and deals damage. If Spell B is cast on top of Spell A, then it creates a stun. However, if Spell A is cast on top of Spell B, then a harsher slow is applied.

I ask this because I have the beginnings of an idea for this contest, but I'm unsure if the mechanics will work.

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The Red Goat:
How do you sign up?

Also the theme is a little vague. Do you mean that "Doctor Who" is the theme or that messing with dimensions and time is the theme?

the theme is the bolded part
im just using doctor who for the names of the theme and the challenges

so theme is inside bigger than outside. work with that, and you just post a champion here, and ill sign you up automatically

I have a question: Would it count towards the theme if the spells interacted with each other to create effects within zones placed by a previous effect?

For example, Spell A places Zone 1 in an area and deals a slowing effect or something. Spell B creates Zone 2 in an area and deals damage. If Spell B is cast on top of Spell A, then it creates a stun. However, if Spell A is cast on top of Spell B, then a harsher slow is applied.

I ask this because I have the beginnings of an idea for this contest, but I'm unsure if the mechanics will work.

can you explain how that would be the inside is bigger than the outside?
imo, i guess it can fit, because the inside of the zones created does a larger effect than the non-overlapping zones

its creative, and ill accept it. just make it balanced and playable

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Mirae, Mistress of Puzzlebox

Piltover. The word has a certain mystique to it. The promise of things never seen before. The subtle indication of wonders and marvels all powered by the illusive techmaturgy invented within the city’s walls. A city of hope for a brighter future. A city where the brilliant and the just are rewarded for their toil and even the less distinguished live better than the rest of Valoran. These are the promises of Piltover.

And they are lies.

Mirae never got the chance to succeed. Born to the city’s poorest, Mirae was invisible to the other classes of the city. The inventors and scholars who ran the city preferred to think that their techmaturigical wonders appeared from thin air instead of from the sweat, blood and tears of a working class. What happened in the Undercity, the factory district beneath street level, might as well be clockwork as far as those above were concerned. For Mirae, there was no time for school, no time for play and certainly no time to dream. The family and its survival was all that mattered. Mirae’s youth and future were a necessary sacrifice.

In time Mirae grew older. As the youngest of nine children, Mirae already knew exactly how her life would proceed from watching her brothers and sisters march through the same routine. She would work every day, growing greyer and more wearier with every passing moment. Eventually, something kill her. For Mirae, it was poison. The fumes in the factory where she worked filled her lungs and flooded her bloodstream. She developed a persistent, wracking cough. She stopped being able to sleep at night but would pass out at random times during the day and wake up in strange places.

It was during one such blackout that Mirae found the Puzzlebox. As was usual, Mirae was working when she fainted but when she woke up she was somewhere she had never seen before. The room Mirae awoke in had no doors or windows. There were no lights yet it was not dark in the room, Mirae could see. All around her, rusted monoliths of long-forgotten purpose loomed. They watched the girl in the room without eyes yet she could feel their judgment upon her. Whatever was seen in Mirae, it was found worthy. With a grinding sound, a pedestal emerged from the floor. On the pedestal was the Puzzlebox, a cube of metal whose surface was covered with impossible geometry no mortal mind could comprehend. Mirae knew the box wanted to be taken and as soon as she touched it, she knew its will. It wanted nothing less than the destruction of scientific process on Valoran. Mirae knew just where to start, with the city that devoured her innocence.

Passive: Clockwork Enigma Each time Mirae casts a spell, she gains a charge of Clockwork Enigma. At ten charges, her next ability will have an extra effect.

Q: Non-Euclidian Expansion: Active: Mirae's puzzlebox causes space to distort in a line, dealing magic damage and knocking all struck by Non-Euclidian Expansion in a random direction. The closer an enemy struck by Non-Euclidian Expansion is to Mirae, the farther they are moved.
-Clockwork Enigma: Non-Euclidian Expansion becomes an AoE with a radius equal to its previous range. Damage dealt is increased and enemies are briefly stunned after being knocked back.

W: Gravity Well: Mirae forms a point of extremely dense mass at a nearby point which pull enemies towards it. The strength of the pull increases the longer enemies stay within the radius and the closer they are to the center. Enemies struck by Non-Euclidian Expansion while under the effects of Gravity Well will always be pushed toward Gravity Well's center.
-Clockwork Enigma: Gravity Well's effect is increased, any enemy that touches Gravity Well's center takes massive damage

E: Wind: Active: Mirae gains an additional stack of Clockwork Enigma and reduces that cooldowns of her other abilities by 2 seconds.
-Clockwork Enigma: Mirae gains five stacks of Clockwork Enigma and reduces the cooldowns of her other abilities by 15 seconds.

Ultimate: Peak Within Passive: Increases Mirae Ability Power by 20/30/40
-Clockwork Enigma: All enemies within a large radius centered on Mirae take magic damage based off the total ability power of all champions within the radius. For each enemy champion slain by Peak Within, allied champions within the area gain a brief boost to Attack Damage and Ability Power.

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The Red Goat

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Originally Posted by ObscureClockwork

the theme is the bolded part
im just using doctor who for the names of the theme and the challenges

so theme is inside bigger than outside. work with that, and you just post a champion here, and ill sign you up automatically

Thank you but I do have one last question. the parts that say "Relative Dimension" and "Time and Space" are also in bold so what about them? Are they suggestions for how to translate the theme? Or are they additional parts to the basic theme, like you need a combination of all three on your champion?

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First up, your theme is CRAZY specific man. Like, how many abilities can you possibly think of that are bigger on the inside? That are actually unique? Maybe...four? Five? Christ, man.

Jo, Chaos Theorist
Attributes: Ranged, Mage, Support
Passive: - Ripple Effect - Each of Jo's spells leave an area of fragmented space which lasts for a number of seconds equal to twice the spell's rank (Twice that for her Ult). When hit by another spell within the fragmented space, enemies take 10% (+5% per 5 levels, +25% total at level 16) extra damage and their CC effects last for an extra second.

Q: - Event Horizon - Jo creates a ring of expanding energy at a point, starting at a width of 100 units and growing at a rate of 50 units per second. At 4 seconds or when detonated early, it suddenly contracts, dragging all enemies with it to the point of origin and dealing magic damage to them.

W: - Spacial Collapse - Jo creates a ball of dark matter that follows her cursor at a speed of roughly 1000. While controlling the singularity, Jo can't move. Deals magic damage per second it's in contact with an enemy and stuns them if they're in its field for too long. Max range of around 1000. Can be detonated early to deal extra magic damage.

E: - Link Bolt (name WIP) - Fires a skillshot blast of energy that hits a single target for moderate magic damage and marks them. Jo can cast the ability again while the target is marked for no mana, with the marked enemy as the point of origin. Can bounce a number of times equal to its rank.

R: - Quantum Fold - Jo links two areas of space, switching their contents. Enemies in either of two areas Jo marks are switched, stunned, and take moderate magic damage. Controlled with a click and drag interface somewhat like Viktor's E.

Lore: An aspiring arcanist of Piltover, Jo showed promise at an early age for teleportation magic, able to get her cat down from the tree, as well as, well, most of the branch. After studying through most of her childhood, Jo came across some unusual theories in books that made their way into her possession. Theories about the very nature of magic, time, and space itself. Intrigued she studied further, her studies slowly driving her to madness, consuming her every want and desire. The pursuit of knowledge slowly broke her mind, leaving her a schizophrenic mess.

Still determined to understand more of the universe, she began to study summoning magic, and demanding to be a champion to better understand the spells they wield. She has no care for the politics of the games, only the sciences behind it. Everything is a puzzle to her, and nothing has value unless it can teach her.

"Questions, questions are the answer. Answers are questions. Around and around..." Jo, Chaos Theorist.

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Alright then, thanks for the answer! I've got my ability concepts down now, so I'll post it up and see if he fits with the various themes.

Balthizar, The Element Twister


All that is known by the League summoners about the man known as Balthizar is only what he has chosen to say. He claims to be a resident of a strange land remarkably similar to Runeterra, which he would not refer to by name. Like Runeterra, his world used an excessive amount of magic. However, they did not have any great wars in their past and instead learned how to control their power and use it for everyday life without the need of a ‘middleman’ as they call it.
However, even with all their peace, his world still feared that a great war could spread at any time. Having heard of the devastation that occurred during Runeterra’s wars, his people would go to great lengths to stop such catastrophe from hitting them. For this reason, they sent Balthizar, a man highly trained in elemental magic, to join the League of Legends and learn their ways. With any luck, he would also show Runeterra what he calls “the real power of magic.”

“I have seen how your cities run. I have watched how your champions battle. I have heard of your great wars. There’s so much wasted magic in your world. I will show you how to use it.” ~Balthizar


[Passive] Affinity:

Balthizar gains bonuses based on the last spell he cast. Balthizar can only have one basic ability bonus active at one time, and his basic skill all share a one-second global cool down (similar to Sona/Udyr's stance changes).

Note: Each of Balthizar's normal skills will have a bonus effect when chained together, but doing so will prematurely negate the previous skill.

[Q] Eruption:

Passive: Upon casting Eruption, Balthizar will gain 5+(2xlvl) bonus Ability Power, and causes his basic attacks to deal 50% of his ability power as bonus magic damage. This extra damage can only occur once every 6 seconds.

Active: Balthizar marks a target location, causing a mass of flame to jet out for 3 seconds after a slight delay, pulsing for one tick of moderate magic damage each second. Enemies that are within or walk into the Eruption zone will take damage. Enemy champions can only be hurt by one pulse of damage. Standing in the center of Eruption will deal more damage than the edges.

If Eruption is cast on an area under Deep Freeze: Eruption will deal 30% bonus magic damage and stun all enemies within both zones.

If Eruption is cast on an area under Fissure: Eruption will knock all enemies into the air and enemy champions will take damage for all 3 seconds if they stay in the Eruption zone.

Damage Per Pulse: 40/60/85/110/130 (+.25AP)

Maximum Damage Possible: 150/180/255/330/390 (+.75AP)

Cast Range: 850

Mana Cost: 70/80/90/100/110

Cool Down: 11/10/9/8/7 seconds

[W] Deep Freeze

Passive: Upon casting Deep Freeze, Balthizar gains 2+(.5xlvl) bonus health regeneration, and his basic attacks will slow movement speed by 20% amount for 2 seconds.

Active: Balthizar marks a target location, causing it to immediately freeze over 3 seconds. Enemies caught that are within or walk into the frozen zone will take low magic damage per second and have their movment speed slowed by 35%.

If Deep Freeze is cast on an area under Eruption: Deep Freeze will lower all enemies attack damage and ability power by a 5+(2xlvl) for 3 seconds.

If Deep Freeze is cast on an area under Fissure: Deep Freeze will snare all enemies caught for 1.5 seconds.

Damage Per Second: 30/38/52/65/78 (+.2AP)

Total Possible Damage: 90/115/155/195/235 (+.6AP)

Cast Range: 700

Mana Cost: 75/85/100/110/125

Cool Down: 12 seconds

[E] Fissure

Passive: Upon casting Fissure, Balthizar gains 3+(1.5xlvl) bonus armor and magic resistance, and his basic attacks will reduce his opponent's resistances by 8 for 4 seconds. This reduction can stack up to 3 times.

Active: Balthizar marks a target location, causing an immediate rift of impassible terrain for 3 seconds. Enemies caught within the area will take damage and be briefly stunned (~.25 seconds).

If Fissure is cast on an area under Eruption: Fissure will mark all targets caught in both zones with a burning debuff, dealing 75+(.4AP) magic damage to them over time.

If Fissure is cast on an area under Deep Freeze: Fissure will deal 25% bonus damage and heavily slow the enemies attack and movement speed by 45% for 3 seconds.

Damage: 80/120/160/220/240 (+.7AP)

Cast Range: 650

Mana Cost: 80/90/100/110/120

Cool Down: 16/15/14/12/10 seconds

[Ultimate][Toggle][R] Winds of Destruction

Passive: Upon casting Winds of Destruction, Baltizar will gain bonus 30 movement speed for as long as the spell is active. Additionally, Baltizar can have one other bonus effect active from his basic skills.

Active: Balthizar marks a target location, creating a swirling wind that moves slowly after your mouse. This wind will deal damage per second, dealing 10% more damage and gaining 50 extra range to its area of effect for every 100 damage dealt with and within the winds. The upkeep cost on Winds of Destruction increases each second as the spell itself deals damage, and will drain mana at a constant rate if no damage is being dealt by the spell.

On second activation, Winds of Destruction will end, releasing all the built up energy. Enemies hit by this energy will take heavy damage, which increases by 10% for every 100 damage dealt by the winds, up to 100% bonus damage. Enemies on the edge of the explosion will take up to 25% less damage than those closer to the center.

Initial Damage: 50/70/90 (+.15AP)

Cast Range: 700

Initial AoE Range: 250

Maximum AoE range: 650

Initial Explosion Damage: 150/210/280 (+.3AP)

Maximum Explosion Damage: 300/420/560 (+.6AP)

Initial Mana Cost: 90/125/160

Initial Mana Per Second: 30/35/40

Additional Mana Per Second: 4/6/8


Health: 380 (+74 per level)

Health Regen: 4 (+.48 per level)

Mana: 320 (+65 per level)

Mana Regen: 4.7 (+.55 per level)

Range: 550

Attack Damage: 48 (+3.7 per level)

Attack Speed: .625 (+2.11% per level)

Armor: 10 (+ 3.5 per level)

Magic Resistance: 30

Movement Speed: 305

(Yeah, it doesn't come out and blatantly say that it follows all the rules. But technically, did I do it right? I love pushing boundaries as far as I can on a creation contest rule, but let me know if I have to start over and make a real time/space champ :x)

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I also have concerns over the first challenge being restrictive--in terms of gameplay mechanics. I haven't thought of many ways to create that effect other than exactly what you've mentioned. I'd suggest requiring at least 1 ability with that direct effect, with time/space manipulation as a main thematic. Perhaps.

I think I'd like to help judge this month. I'll probably create a champion by the end just out of interest. I'll review an october entry and edit it in here.

Review: Yew, the Emerald Beacon

Story: Somewhat short and a few minor errors. Not particularly compelling, but provides background. 2/5

Stats: Good--squishy, overall appropriate for a utility support. 5/5

Abilities: 14/25
Passive: Good use of dichotomy, as Yew is otherwise defense-oriented.
Q: Fairly complicated overall. Offers a choice between poke and sustain. Lacks information about leash range.
W: Excellent defensive buff (particularly with Ether), straightforward.
E: Applies extra effects for extra mana cost, and allows for skillful health/mana switches.
R: I'm not sure why anyone would ever cast this without Ether Form, since it's clearly optimal in a big team fight. This has good counterplay since it's interruptible (and would be an obvious visual priority).

Kit: Clearly based around regeneration, Yew's kit features unique ways of healing and sustaining. Overall, I think the kit is *too* defensive, with 2 ways to heal and a defensive buff.

Gameplay: I think some people would enjoy this champion, but many would be frustrated that even more than most supports, Yew has limited offense (Ether Q). Yew may be frustrating for enemies since Ether Form grants a huge health+mana pool. All effects should be clear to allies and enemies. 3/5

Overall: 24/40

The challenges are satisfied by the passive (dichotomy), E+W (aura) and the non-human wisp appearance.