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@Hippalus - Question in regards to "trading skins"

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Troll Then Leave

Senior Member


I understand that you require atleast 2k+ upvotes for you to even acknowledge a thread about trading a skin.

However, I am sure many people are in a similar situation to me.
My first account created had a number of limited edition skins. However, after reaching only bronze in season 1 (I also hated the bronze border being shown in season 2), I decided to create another account and guess what, season 2, I reached platinum with this new account.

Now, the situation is. I'd rather have the limited edition skins on the account I actually play on now (which has platinum elo in season 2) instead of my original bronze elo season 1 account. And also, this account is level 5, but with a Human Ryze skin - so it is abit of a waste too..

Are there any thoughts about implementing any solutions to help players like me to trade over skins from one account to another which we actually own.