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Wow community getting so bad

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Just lost 5 games in a row that were ranked because ppl want to troll and just ruin the game for others, yet when I decide to leave a game that has trollers in it so I don't have to waste my time I get slapped with a 30 minute penalty......... Something need to be done so far tribunal has yet to fix this problem and its getting to the point where ppl who truly enjoy this game and want to do well, they are unable to do so unless they find friends to group with....... So this game is now only good to play if you have 4 friends online at same to to play with???? Cant just be me that finds this wrong on so many levels. I should be able to solo queue into ranked games with the goal of doing my best and getting better and be playing with like minded ppl not the normal LoL trolls who seem to have nothing better in their life than to ruin the game for others.

Just had to get that off chest over a week of very bad games enough to make even the nicest person rage