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Hide and Seek (Cheese Rules)!

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Okay guys, here are the cheese rules for Hide and Seek:

- Eve,TF,Rengar,Teemo,are automatically banned. This means banning them is not necessary since they cannot already be chosen
- Shaco players can only put down a maximum of 2 boxes at a time
- Hiders cannot attack the enemy seekers (with the exception of utility and CC)
- CV is not allowed for seekers and hiders
- Enemy Seekers must back when they are below 200 health
- Hiders are allowed to CC seekers
- Hiders cannot build damage items unless they provide utility to help escape from the seeker (Ex: Rylai's, Frozen Mallet, etc.)
- Hiders cannot help teammates under any circumstances (in other words, hiders cannot help CC seekers for their teammates). This means only the hider getting chased or pursued can CC the pursuer but teammates cannot
- Items that are not allowed are: GA, Thornmail, Lightbringer, Hextech Sweeper and any other item that gives vision of hiders or seekers (with the exception of Twin Shadows)
- Hiders can only go back to buy when they die
- Hiders win if there is at least one hider left with less than 5 deaths within a 40 minute time span
- Seekers must leave spawn at 2 minutes to give hiders time to hide
- Hiders and seekers can purchase oracles during any point in the game (however, hiders can only purchase oracles when they die and respawn back to base)
- Seekers cannot camp hiders once they have just respawned. Also, once a hider respawns, he or she has 30 seconds to go out of base
- If a seeker dies to a hider, then the hider does not lose a life
- If a hider uses non CC/Utility abilities on a seeker(s), then the hider will lose a life unless the ability provides utility
- Hiders can help other hiders with only abilities that do not damage the enemy. For example, Morgana shield, heals, etc.
- If seekers die to traps of any sort, it does not count against the hider
- Hiders who are out must either stay at base, stay on the inner circle where there is vision, or stay at the outer circle where there is vision. Hiders who are out cannot follow seekers and cannot use any traps (Ex: Teemo shrooms, Caitlyn Traps, etc.)