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Ping in the thousands

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Latley, since today, whenever i have gotten into a game it will be normal for a minute or two then my ping will jump like crazy. ive have been looking for solutions all day but most things just confirm that yes my connection does suck but dont tell me what to do. il hit crtl c in game, ping will be at about 90, where it should be, then it will go all the way up to something like 3000 and the attempting to reconnect thing will come up.

I have no idea what it means but something online told me that some packets are getting lose, i scanned my comp and i had some percentage like 10 or 15 percent lost. so now that i know that idk what to do about it.

our house has had internet problems in the past but probably a month ago we had someone check it out and told us that our underground cable had gotten damaged somehow, then continued on to replace it. after that for a while my internet speed was perfect, now, not so much.

it seems that the other computers in my house arent having any problems, although, mine is the only one that plays lol. doing stuff like watching youtube videos and stuff is also slow sometimes

what ive done: ive restarted everything from the router, to league, to my computer and it didnt seem to have any effect. ive done all sorts of scans and stuff but honestly i dont know what any of it means. ive also disabled some things within my kaspersky antivitus thing in case it may have been blocking something

it is entirely possible that my computer itsself just has something wrong with it, its about 3 years old. its an asus with windows 7 and intel centrino, other than that idk what the specs are. was about 600 dollars when we bought it (its a laptop). so it seems to me that the loss of packets thing is what my problem is, bc when i was testing it they would transfer for the most part and then it would say something like not received sometimes, although that was a vague explanation of what i did, it seems to match up with the random times i lose connection in game and when youtube videos stop buffering.

so im planning on getting a new computer soon, for college, which doesnt start til next year, cuz im a senior now, so i may have to make my purchase sooner than that.

but other than my computer just being messed up, does anyoen have any suggestions or possible fixes, if you read all of this and try and help, thank you very much, lol is completely unplayable for me

this was the longest post ive ever written