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Icon Maker

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Dirty Dutch



I think it is time that Riot stepped up it's game on player icons. The current set of icons are boring and repetitive, the number of icons are low. It is really dry right now, and i think it has potential of creating something interesting.

I used to play Black Ops, and although that game was terrible in my opinion, the function to create your own icon was to say the least, iconic! It was awesome and innovative, it made it interesting to see everyones icons and in some ways kept me playing that game longer than i should have.

League of Legends should have something like this as well, it needs to be creative and restrictive of course, it is a game for everyone so foul images should be weeded out. I think this has great potential and i can see people enjoying their time creating new and refreshing icons that are unique to the individual.

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Senior Member


I used to play Black Ops...

As someone who likes CoD somewhat, nothing good came out of black ops 1. Not even the Emblem Editor. It pumped out way too much immature, inappropriate, bullsh*t...