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Should Summoners be allowed to trade their champs with other Summoners?

Yay! 5 62.5%
Nay! 3 37.5%
Voters 8 .

Idea for Old/Unused Champions

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I know there's been discussions of allowing summoners to sell their unused champions back to the store for say 30% of the new IP cost or something along those lines.

But I was thinking another nice idea would be to let players trade champions for other champions or IP.

Be no different than any trade box in any other game really..2 panes, one showing the traded champ the other being the other traded champ (OR the total IP they are paying for said champ) and then both sides have to click an OK or Accept button.

Just a rough thought that popped into my head awhile ago, and was having issues with the forums letting me post

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I agree. I bought Rengar thinking I would like him, and trading him for Draven would be nice. But put a limit, like 3 trades a week or something, or people will just trade over and over and basically own all champions for 10 bucks.