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Why did I need to set up QoS to get league working?

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Sebaa Jhenza



Hey all, I'm hoping someone who is more technically minded than myself may be able to help. I have two questions, but first a little background.

I recently received a new new router from my ISP (Billion 7800n) and found that the LoL game client was working fine, but when actually joining the game it would crash saying my firewall was blocking the connection.

After some digging around I managed to fix the problem by prioritising ports 5000 - 5500 in my routers QoS configuration.

My first question is, why the hell did this work? My limited understanding of QoS is that it shouldn't really have any effect with home routers... and any effect it does have would be very slight speed increases. It shouldn't effect whether I can connect to the game servers at all or not, should it?

My second question relates to why I really would like to know why this method worked. Since replacing my router, my steam client will only download at approximately 100 bytes/s to 70kb/s tops, and only ever for bursts of about 30 seconds. My old router would download at 1.5mb/s with the same ISP etc. It seems to me like it might be a similar issue to why League wasn't working.

I'd just like to note that speedtest.net rates my ping at 14ms, and my connection at about 7.82mbps down and 0.8mbps up. P2P programs are working fine. The only issues I've had have been with League of Legends, and Steam.

I've contacted the relevant technical support people, but am trying all avenues to find a solution. Any help/input would be greatly appreciated!

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