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Self cast no longer working properly?

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Apathy Syndrome

Senior Member


I haven't been able to use self-cast (alt+skill hotkey) properly since the Haloween patch.

The skill just doesn't go off unless I cast it and wait until the animation completes. If I try to move by right clicking at the same time as I try to, for example, alt+w to heal myself as Kayle, the skill simply won't go off, even though I hear the little click confirming that I pressed the button. It somehow feels like the action doesn't "queue" properly and gets canceled as soon as I issue another order to ther character (moving, casting a different skill). Even casting the same skill seems to cancel the order and issue it again (if I were to hold alt and spam W, the heal just wouldn't go off and the character would stand still forever until I stopped pressing W and waited for her to do her animation).

I can't confirm if this is an issue for everyone or if it's simply due to my high ping (I'm used to play with 200+), but this bug didn't exist before this week's patch, no matter what my latency was.

Did anyone else notice this problem and/or report it to Riot?

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swag daddy juice

Junior Member


Yes this is a huge problem, playing Morgana is completely broken now since you can't self-cast her shield, 90% of the time it just doesn't go off if you are moving around quickly or issues lots of actions. Hopefully this is fixed soon.

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Senior Member


can't jungle properly with lee because of this bug...