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A Way to Keep Score

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Tired of those dummies that say they're the best, even though you did all the work? Now, you can prove them wrong with: THE K/D SPREAD!

This formula is specifically designed to rate the performance of players in a single match! All you have to know is the (K)ills, (D)eaths, and (a)ssists. IT'S THAT EASY!

Now, you can find your (S)core. Use this number for bragging rights, self-constructive criticism, bragging rights, and bragging rights!


20<S<30 (You played a great match!)
10<S<20 (You did your fair share.)
0<S<10 (Not the best match.)
S<0 (You fed.)

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Nice for combat, but I would say that some caution should be used here since it does not account for saves or turret destruction. I already qualify as "YOU"RE AWESOME" as Soraka on most games, but most of the time I am saving allies which only sometimes converts into an assist. Not to mention I have taken ADCs who weren't there for the first Xmins and take them from feeder to semi-viable. Also, in one game I went 3/1/1 as Heimerdinger, but it was a 26 min game cause they couldn't hold onto their turrets. Highest scoring member was Hecarim, who scored 10 exactly.

Not saying don't use this, because combat is important. Just the usual precaution of don't rely on it.