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[Champion Concept]League Judgement: Karnstein

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Concept can be found here (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2465673).


The grating sound of stone against metal echoed throughout the halls. Karnstein couldn't even be bothered lifting her weapon off the ground as she approached the Great Hall. The mage who spoke to her about joining the League said that she could come willingly or unwillingly, but she would be going there either way. At first, she thought it would be great, but the attitudes of some of her future allies had dampened her enthusiasm.
The whispers of spirits were soft in her ears as Karnstein reached the door. Intricate golden letters above it read "The truest opponent lies within". Agreed, she thought to herself, and pushed the door open with a clawed hand.


"Why do you wish to join the League?" A booming voice thundered out.
"To make my name and contributions known to my kingdom." Karnstein responded.
"Do you know what will come next?"
"Yes. Try to make it a nice memory."
There was darkness, then light. A cheering crowd surrounded the balcony of a towering white palace. Two men, one in armour of pure gold, one in a blue cloak, waved down at them.
"Loyal Citizens!" the gold clad one addressed the gatherers below him, "To honour his extensive contributions to the soldiers he commands, to the citizens of this kingdom, and to myself and my family, I recognise this man, his relations, and all their descendants as one of the great noble Houses of Demacia!"
The loudest cheer rang out through the gathering of thousands as the cloaked man bowed, then made his way inside the palace.
"Congratulations, sir," a very familiar voice said. Karnstein glanced over at the younger version of herself, with her pale skin and green eyes, then returned her gaze to the man in blue.
"Oh, no, that isn't necessary," the man replied, the pride evident in his voice, "I am simply happy to serve my country."
"As am I, sir. After all, the future of Demacia is far more important than our own lives."
"Gallius!" a new voice was heard. It was his wife and children. Seona, the woman, kissed her husband on the forehead as his children wrapped their arms around his waist. The young Karnstein forced a smile at the happy family, which was taken as if it was sincere. Gallius looked over his shoulder at his assistant, and smiled awkwardly back.
"I hope you don't mind...? These two are very eager to get home."
"Of course not. My congratulations once again."
"No, no..." He repeated, but was dragged off by his children before he could finish. As he left, both the young and old Karnstein's fists clenched.

The memory faded away as the Summoner's voice rang out once more.
"We have entered your mind, Karnstein. How do you feel?"
No response.
"Do you know what happened to the children?"
"I'm sorry?"
"The children," Karnstein repeated, "Do you know about their lives? Were they happy?"
"...I suspect they were married and died peacefully." The summoner replied, uneasily.
"So you don't know."
"Not really, no. I apologise."
"No apologies needed."
A pause.
"You know, the older one was very good at drawing. He sketched a lovely bird on one of my battle plans."
"Is this important, Karnstein?"
"Humor me this once, Summoner," The ghost snapped, "I haven't had anyone to share this with in centuries."
The Summoner fell silent as Karnstein talked. She spoke of the blue-cloaked man, of his wife and children. Of beasts she fought and souls she had met in the underworld. Of parents desperately searching for their children, and a dancer performing a concert for no-one.
All of whom she had offered to help, and all of whom forgot who they were.

"I'm impressed you remember all this, Karnstein," the Summoner said as the spirit finished her stories.
"Oh please. You should know by now that I don't forget anything."
"You can't forget, can you?"
"Ding ding ding! Points to the man in the robe!" Karnstein sarcastically answered. "If I could, I would have by now. But no. Despite the fact that there is nothing left for me, in this world or the underworld, I can't let go of the fact that pretender cheated me out of my well-deserved fame. So I did a stupid, stupid thing, and gave up my chance of a peaceful end."
"Do you regret it?"
"Damn right I regret it! But you can't change the past, Summoner, so I continue on. I join the League of Legends, I try as hard as I can to hate that family, and I attempt to find some point in this endless, empty existence of mine."
"I see."
The doors of the League of Legends opened wide, light pouring through the darkness. A strange smile crossed the ghost's lips.
"Welcome to the League, Eliane Karnstein."