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Dominion used to be cool.

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Yes, of course we would have way more information about what's good or not on dominion if we had ranked. Which is why i find dumb that they want to to balance..before ranked..
You release ranked, then you get TONS of information on how the game rolls. Then you do balance. Not the other way around.
And it can work both ways, we may see more viable champs for dom or less.
For example I do not count hecarim as viable because no tournament presence and do not see that popular in high level.
But there is a player called dotodot or something that plays only hecarim and is high elo for sure, and makes hecarim looks scary, maybe that player would be at the top of the ladder proving hecarim is viable.

All hard to know when there is no ladder and only a single tournament a week that not many teams are interested in playing and is only best of 1.
That's the point to know what's truly good and not good, we need a stronger competitive support.

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there is still no meta for dominion and that's why it's a lot more fun than SR. i hate metas since they ruin originality and creativity.

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oh stahp being such a hipster