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Is top-lane Blitzcrank still viable?

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Hm...I think if you built early game AD on blitz, it could work. He has 2 abilities that scale off AD, his W and his E.

AS always improves your DPS based on your AD
And his E can be used to double hit. I think top lane would be a lot of W to position, Q to grab, auto attack E to double hit and knock them up then walk away with the residual speed buff on W.

The damage is primarily in the auto attacks.

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JJ Unbreakable

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It's possible to play Blitzcrank solo top. Just like it's possible to play Alistar, Amumu or Sona solo top.
They'll live. But they're much better off when they're around other champions.
Just like other champions benefit more from being in a solo lane.

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The problem is that if you get grabbed by Blitz into one of his tower it's because you are clearly a noob.
Any good player will stick to a safe zone where even if Blitz grab them they'll still be out of the tower's reach.

Now that's said you can continue your debate

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PogoPogoPogoPogo I see what you are trying to say. Having a subpar ability doesnt make a bad champ, but it doesn't help either.

Warwick DOES have the AS booster...which he NEVER USES in lane! It's a non-factor for 95% of laning. It might be used to boost creep clearing speed (but doesnt have much effect) and during a gank to get a bit of extra damage, but thats it.
WW is good because of his lifesteal onhit passive and his Hungering Strike. Mainly the strike. The guaranteed gapcloser @6 is also strong to help your gankers.

Blitz wont keep his AS/MS buff up...its too expensive. Its just a non factor for the most part except during a gank, either yours or theirs. In that case its a small advantage.

His grab sucks. It is SO EXPENSIVE to use and very unreliable in a 1v1. It also scales with AP not AD. Its great to help a gank but also situational. It adds a bit of extra damage, esp if you rank it up but using it as a nuke is really really expensive. You cant use it as ranged harass due to expense and less likely to land.

Knockup is great. 2.0 AD scaling! However it has 0 base damage and is totally dependent on AD. As it ranks, it has 0 base damage. This means it falls off at higher levels as far as being a nuke.

The Ult problem is that it ALWAYS PUSHES. Unlike other ults where you push when you use them, this one is always up and zapping things. This makes it harder to deal with.

If you DO try Blitz, rank his GRAB first. 1 pt in knockup is plenty and it doesnt scale. 1 pt in AS/MS is plenty since its not used.
This gives you decent melee capability as you can knockup, grab AT POINT BLANK for 100-300 dmg, then Ult for pretty solid burst dmg.

Lack of sustain is a problem though and as stated, you wind up getting a tear/mamanune whereas everyone is getting a vamp scepter and/or dorans and snowballing in power level faster than you. MM gives you a midgame LAG.
You dont really have a good early game item to snowball your power. Maybe multiple dorans shields? But you really want the tear so you can build it early.