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*UPDATED* Top 10 Solo Top Champs

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Why no one posted nasus, good health easier to last hit as long as minute goes by, and wither can take out any ad jungler on the gank

easily countered, but his late game is beast mode.

I'm surprised no one said Elise as well. She's a really strong lane champ who is really good in team fights as well.

Also, singed....yeah.

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All Hail Singed




other than that a pretty decent list


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If you are looking for top lane mains I would definitely recommend Jax in just about every situation except vs a heavy harass and heavy sustain top laners such as vlad, or Yorick. I typically don't even fear harass champions without sustain such as jayce or teemo when i play jax, though I might take teleport instead of ignite in case I get forced into an early back.
Jax can completely wreck face in the top lane provided you have some basic laning mechanics down such as:

- Avoiding at least 70% of skill shots preferably higher

- If unimpeded, being able to clear 6/6 minions out of a wave consistently. This is really important because if you win the top lane and can't capitalize on the farm advantage then winning the top lane is only going to produce limited results.

- Spider Sense. Wards are crucial to winning a lane but every player will find themselves in the top at some point without a ward handy. You have to be able to recognize situations when the enemy is trying to set up a Gank. 2 big warning signs here are, your opponent who has been backing down and playing passive suddenly starts acting tough and trying to bait a fight from you. And two, your opponent who has been sitting in the top grass against the wall most of the game moves towards the river and decides to poke from there. There are a number of other "tells" an opponent can give but start trying to recognize these 2.

- Being aware of minion damage. Since jax is a "diver" you have got to be aware of minion damage. If you make an early game leap strike on to the enemy you will gain minion aggro from the whole cloud almost immediately if you engage on their side of the minion line. Those minions will tear you up FAST. This can also be used to your advantage, if you are down in poke 10-15% health at early levels if an opponent is trying to zone you wait until they get into your minion cloud and then turn around and leap strike W and counter attack to stun them in the could. You will do heavy burst, take little damage for 3 seconds, your minions will start pounding them, and they will be stunned in the cloud of them. They will typically turn to flee and get killed running away or have to burn a flash. I get ALOT of kills with jax by doing this little trick.

These are all basic mechanics that should be used with every laner but are especially crucial for Jax. If you don't have these things down then play more normals.

That said, a couple things that can and will make you a very strong Jax player.

- Take a mana pot with you, I usually go boots 2 health pots and a mana pot. His counter attack is a mana sponge early, you will need it to harass

- Max your W first it has a low mana cost and helps out so much with last hitting.

- Jax's harass combo.... Leap strike in to the target, him them with your W and then hit counter attack. Continue the auto attacks while your full counter attack goes off. When your stun goes out, turn around and walk away.

- Use counter attack properly. A lot of new jax players will activate counter attack before they initiate a fight. This should really only be done in a ganking situation where you and your jungler can burst someone down in a small window together. In almost every other situation though you should innitiate with leap strike and hold your counter attack until when you need it. Jax starts to hit harder and harder as his passive attack speed winds up. Many opponents will trade with you util your first ultimate procs on them and they take a huge chunk of health in damage. They will then try to flee. Activate counter attack and run behind them in order to stun them and pound them for a few extra hits in damage. Jax's high mobility makes him excel at punishing opponents for picking the wrong trade and trying to flee after. Another great situation to use counter attack is against periods of high incoming AD. A perfect example of this is during Fiora's ultimate. If timed properly you will take almost 0 damage and even better, HIT HER BACK FOR THE DAMAGE HER ULT DOES. Another good example is counterattacking during an AD Yi ult. You will hit him so hard he will be screaming JAX OP!

Anyways Jax is one of if not the best melee champion in the game. He has a few laning counters, but undoubtedly scales better into late game than them when jax becomes a hyper carry. It is for this reason that I highly recommend playing him. He wins games!!!

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I'm a little shocked that Wukong isn't in the Top 10. Wukong can definitely be shut out of farm early game , but from level 3 on I've always bullied the top lane out of the game. I harass with a Q>E>W out combo untill 6, in which case I finish them off with my Ulti and then snowball my lane. Mid to late game, sneak my way behind the enemies for team fights and initiate with E, W, Ulti and watch my team melt the enemies.

It could just be the players I'm playing against, but I almost always have successful games as Wukong. I always do my best as Wukong top, although hardly ever does it seem I'm fortunate enough to get Wukong top. Everybody always wants Top/mid

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I read your request and i dont feel like explaining this in detail so i will just use a few words.

1. Renekton - best laning ever
2. Jayce - Poke, can duel
3. Lee Sin - Sustain/Aoe, can duel
4. Shen - global utility, sustain
5. Irelia - sustain, cc reduction
6. Gangplank - poke, global utitity
7. Cho Gath - sustain, cc, scaling ult
8. Darius - aoe dmg, pull, slow, true dmg ult (personally i think he is still OP)
9. Rumble - aoe, slows, great ult
10. Poppy - DAT passive

i think you drunk when you wrote this....
except for darius negative for all...

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No real order. They all have separate strengths.

1. Jayce - Poke, run, engage, kill. One of the best bullies on top lane with massive team utility late game. % Health damage in this meta is huge as well.
2. Cho'Gath - Free health. If you can land skillshots well, he's absolutely awesome to gank for, as well as engage with in a teamfight. Most of the idiots I play with never remember about Feast either.
3. Kayle - Poke, heal, and a ridiculous slow. A jungler's friend, especially if you need to dive the tower. Late game utility is through the roof with her ult and AoE AA damage.
4. Garen - Not sure why he only made one list. Garen's laning is insane. He probably has the best sustain in the game - no mana, plus a passive that allows him to trade and then back off for a minute or two, avoiding damage, and reengage for the kill. His late game is great as well - high base values on abilities plus a decent slow, and an ult that wrecks carries.
5. Malphite - Mostly for his ultility with the ult. His laning is decent but you can beat him if you're decent and know what you're doing. But late-game his ability to bypass the entire team and destroy the carry is incredible. Combine him with Hecarim for added fun.
6. Nunu - Hasn't made any list and I wanted to add him. Sees like Nunu only sees support nowadays, but his iceball does SOOO much damage at level 1. Free spells, level 1 lane-denial, a debuff and a buff. Plus an ult that, when fully channeled, probably does more AoE damage than any other ability in the game. I've seen his ult do upwards of 1500 damage if built glass cannon. Even if not it's a massive AoE slow.
7. Shen - Map presence. This one's obvious, as he's banned more than most.
8. Udyr - Also hasn't received much love. Udyr outduels almost any top, especially early on. Bear into Tiger is nuts, and his sustain is amazing with Turtle as well. He's also a great engager and carry-killer.
9. Rumble - One of the best top bullies. I've never played Rumble but I've played against him, and he's one of the bigger pains.
10. Pantheon - Bullying power, stun, and global presence. I find it odd that J4 jumps 15 feet and creates a massive crater, while Pantheon jumps to the heavens and creates a dust cloud. Just sayin.

Dishonorable non-mentions (in this meta at least. I'm talking common picks that I disagree with here. Obviously Soraka is a lot worse at top lane than Gangplank):

1. Lee Sin - maybe I just suck with him now, but there seem to be so many champs that out-duel him now. S3 hasn't been kind to Lee, imo. Take Jayce, who, with E level 5, does 20% *max* HP damage plus base, while Lee's Q does 8% *missing* HP damage plus a (I believe) smaller base. I used to use Lee all the time, so I know how to use him, but I was shocked when the damage I was used to doing just...wasn't happening anymore.

2. Gangplank - Seriously guys? Yeah he has a global ult, great. He can save a tower mid-game. But he lacks any sort of cohesion for most team compositions. His abilities are all pretty selfish.

3. Darius - Even pre-nerf. Sure in the hands of a pro he's incredible, but for the mainstream LoL community, they just can't keep their fingers off dat "R." They get in god-mode and kamikaze themselves just to get a kill, and end up like 13/10/3 and raging at their teammates who have a total of like 12 deaths between all four of them. I've seen this so many times. Darius is so easy to shut down too, because his moves are ridiculously predictable. Hook into slow into damage into AA's while chasing into ult. If he gets fed he's a problem. But...so is just about anyone.

4. Teemo - Yeah, for a ROFLstomp in normals, grabbing lich bane and going AP Teemo is tons and tons of fun. But when things are serious, Teemo just doesn't really cut it. He's great at shutting people down if they don't know how to fight a Teemo, but if you get someone who understands his abilities (especially the blind), and isn't afraid of them, Teemo has a problem every time. I have a friend who grabs Garen and hopes they "counter" him with Teemo all the time. He's never lost (at least his lane) to Teemo.

5. Olaf - Seriously. Olaf has never given me a problem. Maybe it's the champs I play, but Olaf is almost always a joke. However, his Ragnarok is incredibly annoying for teamfights, so he's lower (in a good way) on the list than most.

Honorable Mentions:

Wukong, Irelia, Jarvan, Jax, etc. I mostly wanted to get the untraditional picks up there.

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Kahl Drogo Kahl

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I'm not going to post a top 10 because I don't have enough experience with all the available champs. So, take my limited opinion for what it is....

The only champ I have solo top lane with Volibear. And he is AWESOME in that role. It is always my preference to solo top in a game if possible with Voli. Here's why:

He is very hard to kill with his passive, even if there are two opponents in top lane. Great sticking ability with his Q and E (combined with an item such as FM). And he scales great in end-game. His W is an excellent execute move (approx. 1/4 health or less is usually a kill). Be sure to research and build him correctly though - don't focus too much on HP. I go for a primary trifecta of attack speed (zephyr), attack dmg (FM) and armor (legion/bulwark). The more run speed you can stack on him, the better. I am constantly running guys down, and when I'm in a pinch he's great at escaping. (Mobafire has a great guide, should be the top-ranked one)

He's also tanky enough that 2 opponents won't be able to take down your tower if you need to camp by it (especially if you have your R). I've been in top lane solo versus 2 opponents several times and have taken them both out by working their health down, luring them close to my tower, letting my health fall (they usually forget about my passive), then laying the hurt down. If I'm low on health people think they can get an easy kill (again forgetting about my passive), run right into the tower, only to find out I won't die Then I Q after them and it's all over.

Attack speed is king on Voli. Remember that. He's a tanky bruiser with a near even split of AP and AD damage making him difficult to build against. If you're patient and smart there are very few champs who can effectively counter him.

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I often solo top with Veigar or Xerath. Yes, their both super squishy early game but just listen:

-Very high damage and very bursty late game.
-Early game is a pain in the *** but if you time his Q right you can minion farm super easy. When you get level 4 top lane is lost for your enemy.
-His sustain is complete ****, but if you can get your jungler to give you blue mid game then you'll do fine.
-Veigar does require ganks early game but later on, before roaming, he wont need it.

-His Q is very good for minion farming.
-He may lack health, but does not lack range. Using his W on turret then E then finally Q should finish off anyone. You would come out of your W before your stun (E and Q combo) wears off.
-High damage ratio if you build AP early game instead of boots/health.

Get a doran's ring for Veigar at first and a Doran's shield for Xerath. The shield provides armor for Xerath because most solo top's are AD. That gives you a small advantage the enemy.
Build normally after doran's shield for xerath. Build early game AP as fast as possible for veigar. Don't get boots til your doing alot of damage. Even if you have to sacrifice pushing top early game, it's worth it later on.

You're probably thinking "Your retarded for posting this ****"

I don't care if you don't think this works. Keep your smart *** remarks to yourself.

(NOTE: only pro xerath/veigar should attempt this. Games can go poorly if your not good with the champions i said above)

until olaf ults and beats you to death

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necro OP

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Death Zed

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Okay, either I'm going blind, or, I actually can't find Vi anywhere.

Unless she's in the jungle.