Coaching bronze-diamond

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RS Alfie

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Hi! I am a Mid Main (Currently D3, only 67 games played this season though) and I'm offering coaching lessons for anyone who wants to learn how to get better at ranked and raise themselves to be a better player. I charge $10/hour, so feel free to message me on league if you're interested!

I can teach all roles, however if you're plat or higher, I'd suggest not taking me unless you are a mid main as well, since I'm only about plat level with all other roles other than mid . (and the occasional support Nami, adc Ezreal, top Kennen, and jungle fiddle)

This is not a service where you play and I tell you what you did wrong, I'm merely a second eye with diamond level advice. I'm merely going to point out things that you could do (usually minor things) that can make you a way better player.

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Hehe this is funny.