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[Bug] Rengar remains invisible while attacking

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Razin Raisin

Junior Member


I was playing as Cho'Gath on Summoner's Rift. I used my knockup to check the bottom lane tri-bush to see if anyone was there. My knockup showed Rengar recalling and knocked him up. I then walked into the bush and started fighting him. Rengar quickly used his ultimate, therefore causing me to lose vision of him. As I stood in the bush, My health was lowering even though I had no vision of ANY enemy champion anywhere near me. I was standing in the bush, so it's not like he could have been hiding in the bush. A few seconds later, I died and the game said that I was killed by Rengar (no assists from other champions, just Rengar). Just as I died, I saw Rengar become unstealthed at the very edge of my vision range.

Just to clarify, I was hit multiple times while Rengar was stealthed. He did not simply stealth and then hit me once or twice. He got off multiple attacks/abilities all while he was completely stealthed. Also, my teammate was confused as well since he did not see the Rengar either.

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I had almost the same problem.
I was bot line fighting a Rengar and I had a ward in the bot line bushes. Every time Rengar got into the bushes I couldn’t see him but I could see his partner.