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"Morgana is just ****ing OP!!!" or am I (mostlikely) just totally retarded (again?)

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Morg OP or not?

I seperate overpowered champions into tiers. (least to most) [[also I'm not naming them all]]

Not quite overpowered: Morgana, most of the champions
That's a turret, stupid: Turrets/towers
OP minions: Minions
The we-aren't-sure-if-they-are-OP-but-their-names-end-with-u tier: Amumu, Nunu.
Does everything: Sona, Lulu, Fiddlesticks
Does everything AND unkillable after buying Warmogs: Darius, Garen, Mundo, Malph
Everything+Unkillable+ I hate monkeys and especially this one: Wukong
Everything+Unkillable+There is no escape, hope: Blitzcrank, Lee Sin
Everything+Unkillable+No escape+Destroys you instantly and laughs: Irelia, Gangplank
Everything+SrslyNotDying+Can'tRunAway+Stacks Tiamat for pentakills: Shyvana
Does all of the above except better. Then gets a buff: Xin Zhao