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Let's Discuss the Implications of Zed's Lore

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First of all, it changes Shen's backstory and it could have repercutions on Kennen's and Akali's lores.

Well, the impact on Shen's lore isn't that big, it said that his father was tortured (I could have sworn that he was also killed in the ritual), It just sounded like an outsider, but it makes more sense (and it's less cruel) if it's someone who understands what is Balance and it's importance to the world.

Are you planing a release of lore of the Kinkou order to take out the paragraph that explains 3 times the same from the 3 clasic ninjas?

Now the Kinkou are an extinct order, did Zed's attack happened after Shen joined the league or before? It is weird to move forward in the plot this way, the journal of justice allowed certain aproach that served to set a timeline of events.

Are Kennen and Akali still part of the Kinkou? Will Akali's mom be retconed out of existence for also being a ninja master, or killed for being a ninja master?

Why did he join the league? Yes it's a simple paragraph, yes it might feel taked on, but the question "why are you here right now doing this?" is a very important one to ask a character in a quest or unusual position, just leaving it in the air doesn't cut it. Let's reverse the case, bring a character, reveal the motivation but hide the backstory, it's weak, not very interesting but provides a lot of insight.

"Who are You" and "What do you want" are equally important questions, specialy when we started with half and half, got to the judgments and got complete parts.