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Hide and Seek Rules

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______Generic Rules______

-Map is always the Crystal Scar.
-ALL Champions are allowed. You ban who you ban during the team select (Cause it's draft)
-Either team may only use the Oracle's Elixir upon or after the 20 minute mark.
-No capturing points

______Seeker Rules______

-Only one Frozen Mallet or Entropy or Trinity Froce for the team.
-Only one Rylais Crystal Scepter for the team.
-Either and only one Lightbringer or Hextech Sweeper for the team.
-Seekers start the game at the 2 minute mark.
-Seekers have 45 minutes to kill each hider 5 times.
-Seekers must go back to base when they reach 200 HP or lower. This goes up by 100 every 15 minutes.****
-Clairvoyance is not allowed.
-No spawn-camping! Give the recently deceased some time to hide (35 seconds after base leave)
-Please don't attack hiders that are already out**.
-If the seekers fail their goal, they must surrender.

______Hider Rules______

-Only two Rylais Crystal Scepter for the team.
-No Guardian Angels.
-No Frozen Mallet.
-No Sunfire Capes.
-No Trinity Force.
-No Phages.
-Hiders may also use specific abilities that grant vision.***
-Do not attack a seeker who is going back while at critical health
-Each hider only has 5 lives, these are lost by execution/death or killing a seeker.
-Hiders may not return to base.
-If a hider disconnected or left and died during that time, the death still counts.
-If a hider reconnects after 35 minutes, they are considered to have lost all 5 lives.
-If all hiders have lost their 5 lives, they must surrender.

______Other rules______

*Time may be extended due to rule breaking or disconnects.
**You may attack defeated hiders if and only if they did something more than auto attack you during their typing. Ex: Chasing seekers, using skills, being in the FoW, etc.
***Ask me what skills are allowed before you just start spamming Lux's ult or something(Which isn't allowed).
****If they fail to go back, and continue to attack hiders, the hiders may kill the seekers, and not be at fault.
-Defeated Hiders may not interrupt the game in any way. (No helping others, no chasing seekers, no attacking seekers, no capturing, etc.)
-Defeated hiders may not enter the fog of war unless they are only getting the speed boost and running back out or going to middle near buffs.


-People tend to get confused about the whole deal with -1 to lives or not. Hopefully, this list will help.

-If the seeker is at fault - The death didn't count.
-If the hider is at fault - The hider gets a -1.

-Sometimes there are accidents that happen, like accidental kills or whatnot. Those are debatable, and have to be a confirmed accident by either the host or the rest of the team.

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Rylai's sceptor cannot be used on certain spell that DO NOT have ANY form of CC
Eg. Singe q CAN NOT be used.