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New Champion Idea

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Me and my friend came up with a character idea and this is what we came up with
Domacia’s Spark
Lore: “Sparklow in an amazing person and fighter. I never would have imagined he would be use for war.” – Lux
Sparklow was supposed to be a war development for Domacia, but something went wrong and Sparklow was infused with electricity. Using his new found powers, Sparklow fled Domacia and came to The Fields of Justice. (The lore could probably be changed.)

Passive: Electrified Air: Bonus ability and attack power to all allies. EX Sparklow level 3= +3 ability and attack power to all allies

Q: Lightening Strike: Deals 50/75/100/125/150 Mana cost 30/40/50/50/60

W: Electric Field: sets down a field of electricity allies get 10 ap 10ad 10% speed and 5% attack speed for a short period of time Length= 5/6/7/8/10 secs. Deals 10 damage per second to enemies. Field stays for 10 sec. Mana cost 60/70/80/80/85

E: Heal Bolt: Heals all ally Champions in lane Sparklow chooses and ally Champions in jungle no matter what. Heals for 100/250/300/450/600. Mana cost 70/75/80/85/90

R: Electro-Explosion= deals 250 + ability power at rank 1, 500 +ability power at rank 2, and 750 + ability power at rank 3. Does true damage at rank 3. Mana cost:100/100/100

We will need you to make the character art for him though.

My friends summoner name is BRUTE JODOS. We want to cooperate with you guys on this so you can come up with the haelth and mana and stuff, but he is a support character.