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Warwick's lore is presented wrong

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Yes, back on topic of how lame Warwick's recent lore made him. One of the big points is that the lore interacts VERY badly with his in game quotes.

He's a "procurer of human test subjects." What test subjects? Little kids? Hardened criminals? This is the main part that, if cleared up, would mean a world of difference.

He's got references to Little Red Riding Hood. Think about the original undertones of the story.

His in-game quotes are creepy. They don't make you like him. There's nothing actually likeable about him (Oh he failed! We can connect with him... Not!)

Take the those 3 qualities together and what image do you come up with?

A pedophile, that's what. Warwick with his new lore doesn't come off as a cunning hunter, he comes off as a stalking pedo-wolf who makes you fear for Annie's innocence.

He needs a rework to his in-game quotes (and to his lore again.) People might play him on the concept of a werewolf, but this kind of image turns off the subset of people that might like to play him (werewolf fans).

Also, on topic of him needing Soraka's Heart now...

The Head of Kha'Zix

That is all. There was literally no point to switching him from needing her blood to her heart while this item exists in the game and is another reason that his lore needs to be reworked again.

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the human test subjects that ww procured were whatever humans the noxians were fighting
he would test them on enemy villages or enemy captives
and noxus didnt care because it was fuel for their war machine and might makes right

he is the definition of a war scientist
however he was turned beastial by soraka and he hasnt touched science again
instead he allowed his primal needs to run free thus his in game quotes about hunting
and the only reference i ever found to little red riding hood for ww was his grandma skin