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Florida Team

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Elektobuz II

Junior Member


Hey everyone! I'm looking for skilled players around Florida who are interested in the upcoming CBT Lanbash tournament on Dec. 15.

Summoner name:
Are you 18?
Where in Florida do you live?
Are you able to drive to Miami?
Highest rating?
Current rating?
Do you have a mic/headset and are able to use Skype?
What role do you MAIN? And what champs do you main in that role?

Currently looking for all roles except jungle.

Just post on forums or message me on my smurf Elektrobuz if you're interested.

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Junior Member


I am in Brandon (Tampa) I main support but can play all roles. Please let me know i have experience on all fronts of this game in competitive and what not. Also i have a freind that mains ADC that we duo he is Gold Elo or higher i do not remember his final elo. BUt we are interested please let me know