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North American Office Tournament Announcement #1

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Hey Guys,

We would like to introduce you to the first ever North American Office Tournament.

What is this tournament?

It is open to anyone who is part of a company and wishes to create a team and compete with their co-workers or work friends.

This will be a one off event, however if enough interest is generated we can continue to run them.

How is the tournament played?

The tournament is a Bo1 (Best of One) Standard tournament draft, Summoner’s Rift game. If you lose your match you are out of the tournament. If you win advance to the next round.

Upon start time, just join the in game chat room NAOTV to check in and start your match against the enemy team. Brackets will be posted an hour before the start time so you will know who your opponents will be. All wins must be reported to an admin to advance through the bracket.

When does the tournament begin?

Saturday, November 24th at 11am PST. Substitutes and players can only be added up until one hour before start time.

Signups for the tournament are now open, and will close Wednesday, November 21st.

How can I sign up?

All teams wishing to sign up and that meet the criteria may sign up by filling out the information on the link below. (Posting in this thread will not add you to the tournament.)

Substitutions are allowed, but they must be updated on your team roster no later than one hour before the tournament starts.

Tournament Signup Form:


Thanks and we hope to see you all there!