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tab should be top most window

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When you open the store window and then you pressed "tab" to get the list of players and items, the list of players and items is behind the store window.

This never made sense to me, since the list of players only appears when you actively hold the tab button why would it not be on the top of all windows? I mean we know the fingers on tab, it is very difficult from there to say, "logically the player list should be behind this other window." If they don't want to see the list they can stop pressing tab!

What use-case does it matter in?
Player goes to shop. Opens store window. Starts to buy and then thinks, "Wait, I should take a look at other items in the game real quick." Player presses tab. Not good enough! Player closes store window and then presses tab. Then player opens store window again and finishes shopping.

What is accomplished by not just having tab always be the top most window?