New and upcoming champions

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Red Komodo

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I understand that Riot is trying to be innovative and creative with there new champions, and some people would say there are repeats of original ideas from elsewhere. Personally i don't care and agree with this new ways of play and even am excited about this sneak peak. I think the whole shadow thing will be great to learn, But i know he is going to be another assasin/jungler. Recently or at least since i started playing which was back when fiora was released i have not seen any new tanks and supports (besides Lulu). I can understand that riot is running a business but its near impossible to construct a team with everyone one playing carries and champs only designed to kill.

get stuck in most ranked games due to peopl just not wanting to support or wanting to play top only and trolling if not. All i ask that you drop some more tanks, there new champs put a lot of other earlier champs to shame in the diversity and overall construction. All i want is an amazing tank to be able to compete with a Darius ult, a Rengar leap, Not saying that these champs are overpowered but instead of doing what everyone is used to when i play Shen, maybe a new tank will bring back the meta of League of Legends instead of the get kills only and worry about objectives last.

TLDR: New tanks to counter the new carries and kill oriented champs would be nice in LoL since things are becoming more kill related then the normal push and turret grab. Gj with the champs coming out there pretty kool

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Silver Raven

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A nice suggestion

Inb4 Kids dowvoting because they like the "kill kill kill!" meta :P