First Look at Game Client - Bugs / Consistency Issues

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I don't know how many of these issues have already been posted, but seeing as Search doesn't work, I'll post them all anyways.

Machine Type: Macbook Pro
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.93GHZ
Graphics Card: 9600M GT
Settings Levels: n/a

- When I load up the DMG it wants me to place the LoL Downloader on the desktop. On OSX, all applications should go into the /Applications folder.

- It then wants me to install League of Legends to /Users/<username>/Desktop/League of Legends . If this is the actual application, it should default to /Applications/League of Legends . If this is just a download cache, it should default to /Users/<username>/Downloads/League of Legends

EDIT: So the Downloader is downloading an installer which then installs? This should have been made more apparent this is what was happening.

Integration with OS
- Installation window is allowed to be dragged behind the menu bar (top bar of screen). Not much of an issue as the bottom bar can be used to drag the window. Though how many average users will be able to figure this out when they're used to dragging windows from the top is another question. More of User Experience issue than anything.

- Installation window disappears when Expose is used.

It's downloading now, I'll update this topic as I progress through the installation (should more issues be found).