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Server is undefined, working 10 minutes ago

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Junior Member


I was on LoL and got disconnected, now the server status in the launcher is undefined.

Reset modem.
Have internet connection.
Able to browse internet and connect to varies internet games.
LoL and launcher is allowed in firewall.
Tried disabling any firewall.

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Have the same problem. Reinstaled LoL, click on repair. Nothink works... It works only if you type "thereisnourflevel". But I dont wanna fix it forever by this way. I watched many postes on forum, but nowhere riot helps. I dont know what I could do. On normal servers everythink works normaly when you type "thereisnourflevel", but on PBE ( same problem as ono normal servers "undefinded&quot when I type "thereisnourflevel" shop doesnt work... Please help Riot. I want try new champions on PBE and doesnt want to always type "thereisnourflevel"... its annoying.

PS: sorry for my English, I am not nativ speaker.