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[Requesting] TT and ARAM map's themes.

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Okay guys, i'm not sure if this is the right place to ask for it. But i've been looking around the net. I think i've and poked around a lot, asking for red's attention at all. But i didnt get what i wanted, making me a sad panda. :c My request, also given my feedback:

Since the bridge map and the new TT maps were released, i totally fell in love for them. Specially, when it comes to the music of it. I've been searching for it, but i cant find it. Asking in Leaguecraft, and nothing. So i wonder. Where can i exactly find it? I'm loving the music composed for LoL, specially Praeco's one. And it would be really cool if he'd happen to upload all his work on soundcloud or ... Dunno. Somewhere! D:

Also, the music used in the Summoner's Cup Sneak peek (Link below) was also really cool. I wonder if its also composed by Praeco, and if he did upload it somewhere.