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Dominion [Hidden] Elo in S3

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It's not just Yegg. Riot in general doesn't think it's a good idea to turn on ranked just yet, and honestly they're probably right. Best case scenario, it probably doesn't do much for a lot of effort. Worst case it splits the queues even more.

From the image:

Yokel85 (4:54): Hey, you might not be able to answer this but I figure it doesn't hurt to ask. Is Dominion ever going to get a ranked mode?
Kind of sucks that people who exclusively play Dominion have no chance at any of the season 2 rewards.
Morello (4:55): Likely eventually
Yokel85 (4:55): You know... all 4 of us who almost exclusively play Dominion.
Morello (4:56): We need to do some work there though. Sicne the pool is so small, dividing it up more will only kick it in the nuts
Yokel85 (4:56): Yeah, normal draft already has that problem
Would probably be good to kill that mode if you guys ever turn on ranked.
Morello (4:56): There's some big problems (why the map isn't balanced, etc) that we need to fix before I think we can consider ranked. And like the TT stuff, it takes a significant effort
Yokel85 (4:57): Yeah. TT took since the beginning of the year?
Morello (4:57): Erm, a little less.
About 8 months
Anyway, lunchtime
Yokel85 (4:57): Enjoy
Morello (4:57): Hope that helps
Yokel85 (4:57): Yeah, thanks

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DG Denz Brujah

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After Yeggs comments I feel it's time someone with authority actually speaks up


Pls help in the call