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Rammus build help?

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hi, i play rammus since i bougth it, as my first dedicated champ. he is very funny and because he is a tanky char (he can also be ap) u have to know who enemys u are playing whit:

I start whit Regwroth Pendant +1 pot, healt is what makes Rammus stay in the line.

Ninja Tabi: if 3 or more phisical non-cc DPS
Mercury: if 3 or more magic/hybrid cc team or ig they are all magic damage

-Against Phisical DPS (like Yi, Tristana, MF, trynd):
Priorise Thornmail after bots, then Sunfire Cape is the way to win (i recomend at least 1. If they are MOST phisical dps i usually go whit at least 3)

-Against Hybrid (magic/phisical dps, like Katarina, Shaco, Kog):
I buy Force of Nature and some Sunfire Capes, Guardian Angel is a must here.

-Against Magic DPS (like Ryze, morgana, Anivia):
I buy Force of Nature and Banshee's veil, Guardian Angel helps too, then some health

Special Cases:
-If they are ALL mana dependant and they have some Magic damage, y buy Wit's End.
-If u are doing a good job and they can't Burst u, i buy a Malady, it makes u push even harder.


I build my skill of the next maner:
Q (having rank 2 in powerball makes u more viable for ganks, it has a little more slow and it damages the double as rank 1)
W (i get a point at lvl 5 cuz u are not beign hited so much until higher lvls)
R > E > W > Q

This is how i play Rammus the ARMORDILLO