xerath bugs, arc skill shots and perhaps an option change.

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I play league a lot and notice the little things every once and a while, like for instance I have taken a liking to xerath lately and his q and r have about a half second delay before they go off. The problem here is that when you die if you do either then die it wont count after you die.. like if you hit r and its falling then you die it lands but wont hit... I also play kog a lot and his ult is pretty much the same but if i die before it lands it still hits... so many times i would be able to kill my opponent but instead he gets away and i don't get a kill that should have happened.
Also i have noticed on the new champs for arc type skills like darius apprehend and syrdras scatter the weak the arc stays on you when you hit the key then you click and all is fine, but on old champs like annie and cho the arch moves ahead of you if you aim it out far and some times your champ will walk up past where you want them to and then cast it witch put me in a ****ty position most of them times.
One more thing I noticed and it might just be a personal preference maybe you could use it in the options but for j4s e move the location of the move does not exceed the range of the move letting you know where it will land in the distance you can preform your move. Maybe its just me who prefers this but it would be cool if it could even be an option for us to change.