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Bug - Horizontal Scroll Bar in the Shop

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Le Body

So if you go to the shop after you log in, if you are playing on a relatively "small" screen, or rather a screen that is on average, smaller than large monitors, you have to scroll to the right of the screen to find the "list" vertical scroll bar by using the smaller horizontal bar below.

If that didn't make any sense, there are two vertical bars and two horizontal bars on small screens, the outer horizontal bar has to be scrolled to the right to find the inner vertical scroll bar in order to scroll through champion lists, rune lists, etc.

However, the outer horizontal bar is very touchy. You have to grab it by the very top of the bar in order for it to be grabbed properly. So that's -really- annoying, feel free to chip in because I know I'm not the only one who happens to play on a laptop.

Le Steps to Reproduce

1) Open the LoL patcher
2) Log in
3) Go to the shop
4) Search for champions or runes, or anything that requires scrolling down to see more
5) If you're on a small screen, you have to scroll to the right to find the vertical scroll bar
6) Horizontal bar is ONLY grabbable on the very top of it


(Lol, print screen shoops your mouse pointer out, excuse the mouse pointer getting shooped back in, compliments to Google)