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New Splash Art Updates are Ruining Champion Identity

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When you look at the newest splash art updates for champions they can sometimes be quite good when looking at the entirety of it but when you look at the champions icon they are quite often worse. Some of the most notable are:

Galio is way too dark, especially compared to the majority of champions. He used to be this unique bright blue and yellow champion who still is bright in game.

Kassadin doesn't have an iconic look and is hard to tell it's the same champion based just on the portrait. Too "busy".

The way lux is looking at the "camera" isn't very favorable.

The way Vladimir is looking at the screen and lack of onion head is pretty nice, but on the other hand the style of the art just doesn't fit in as well and is creepy (not in a "hey that champion creeps me out!" kinda like Morg or Elise, it just looks really awkward and off.) I'd like to really point out how it's losing that kind of some what cartoon style that we all love from the game and is too "fluid" for me.His legendary is a good kind of creepy that would look a lot better as a portrait if you can get my drift.

I'm just really concerned that the style of art for League of Legends is expanding outside what I think the theme of the game is and what has really worked. Take where DotA 2 has gone for example. In my opinion, the art style of DotA has taken away from the game and just that change alone has been one for the worse in my opinion.