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I have five issues with the new TT

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1. The Viable champion pool is limited.
2. Level 1 fight team comp is far too important.
3. The speed shrine is too strong of an offensive boost early on.
4. Lack of wards adds too much randomness.
5. Many players want game play like SR, particularly a laning phase, but the overall design encourages game play similar to Dominion.

Full text:

We don't need to wait 6 months for the meta to crystallise when the very nature of the map limits the champion pool. Smaller map, fewer towers, long unsafe lanes and rapidly scaling death timers after about 20 minutes or so means a shorter game. The similar experience and gold gain rate as SR combined with the shorter game length favours certain champions, particularly those who hit their power peak early/mid game (levels 6-8?) such as many bruisers and a few APs to create a snowball effect. The best strategy is to pick strong early game champions with good wave clearing, mobility and an emphasis on a strong level 1 comp. You push lane and group with your team and either clear your jungle or invade, if the stronger level 1 comp you always invade immediately. If you don't have good wave clearing you are stuck in your very unsafe lane for too long leaving your team vulnerable to 3v2 or you get ganked and killed. Perhaps an increase to the gold and experience gain from CS by 15-20% or so (even nerf kill gold too) will place a greater emphasis on minion farm and help stop an early game advantage cementing into a victory nearly every time. This will create a late game and open up more team comps and help to lower the advantage of strong early game comps which snowball. Further, the additional emphasis on CS adds elements of skill and depth to game through laning prior to leveling up wave clearing abilities.

Another problem is how important the level 1 fight current is. Winning the level 1 fight doesn't just give you FB, it gives you the enemy jungle and altar too. Given the short map duration this can assist in causing a powerful snowball into later part of mid game where the map usually ends.

The speed shrine gives an offensive boost that is far too strong early game. It allows incredibly fast and effective jungle ganks from the far exit and it allows players to check the enemy jungle with far greater safety as they escape/disengage more effectively when randomly encountering opposition. The long lanes and large distance from towers makes ganks from the far exit that go undetected almost aways a success. Additionally it greatly imbalances the level 1 team fight as it offers a powerful engage to the stronger level 1 comp. It enables them to counter jungle the initial spawns and capture both altars as they force the weaker comp out of the jungle to not give up FB. Despite this I like the speed shrine later on as it allows faster reinforcing to close out a victory. Maybe disable the speed shrine until a tower is destroyed or 10 minutes elapse.

The lack of wards adds far too much randomness to the map. This is probably the most significant aspect of the map in forcing a particular kind of gameplay. A player who attempts to gank from the far exit may run into an enemy spoiling the gank. Of course there is a good chance they won't meet and the gank will almost inevitably result in a kill. With the speed shrine there is little risk to a player who attempts this gank as they can easily disengage from a chance meeting in most instances should they so choose. Snowballing occurs because people get caught outnumbered repeatedly. Wards add another layer of depth and counterplay to the game. Unfortunately the map is designed with such absurd simplicity that a single ward is all that would be needed to secure half of the map, was the removal of wards an "OH FFFF" moment after realising the design flaw? Then better remove Teemo, he is currently the strongest champion on TT as vision > all.

Right now I just feel like the map is meant to be played like Dominion, not SR. I like a lane phase and this new TT doesn't really have one. The game starts at what would be mid game on SR and ends just before what would be late game on SR. You should pretty much always be in a group of 3 as the lack of vision means most fights occur through a random bump in the brush and you just have to expect there will be the entire enemy team there. If you can see some of the enemy team, you're at an advantage and should invade and kill while they are split. There are no wards so they can't see it coming.

This new map shows a lot of promise and I wouldn't be posting if I didn't enjoy playing it. But simply put I like having a lane phase and that is now pretty much gone from 3v3. It seems to me that these changes are not going to increase the number of TT players. There is still a small viable champion pool, smaller than Dominion due to the absence of a late game and pressing need for early game control. And now there is no proper lane phase.

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i hate the new three

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1. Old TT viability pool was just as limited, infact i feel less guilty about playing wizards in the new TT probly because i still see alot of people thinking teemo is great. also the game is calibrated for 5v5 so balancing 3v3 for alot of champions is kinda hard.

2. Definitely true Getting ahead in this new TT really sets you too far ahead every little bit of strength counts towards getting you out of control.

3. i kinda liked it both teams sitting in the brush either side of the shrine one team storms in with the speed shrine meaning it is difficult for the opposing to disengage, but they do have the drop edge of the brush. though i do see what you mean

4. considering the layout of the map i recon i could safely ward the map with 3 to 4 wards i agree the paranoia gets to me sometimes but the new TT seems like its built more offensively. if your paranoid you miss out on XP and its ALOT.

5. i really don't know what to say about this, i think basing a 3v3 match entirely around farming sounds boring to me. however i have seen some pretty passive TT during my experimentation's with TT

As an added note i would like to add in the outragous XP from minions and jungle creep, quiet frankly i really get annoyed how easy it is to fall behind if you play counter gank or vs someone whom try to safely farm the entire game. i have seen a kayle whom just pushes out lanes to the tower roams into the jungle and farmed the entire game until she had 4 lvls over us and alot of gear. we were about 12 kills ahead then suddenly kayle starts entering the battles and just wins the game for them. i spose this is the farm value in action but i feel considering im more a fan of the agressive play of the new TT it shouldn't be punishing us for missing minions that badly

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1. Agreed

2. Semi-Agree - It's not the end all be all of a game, but it does carry more weight than it should.

3. I don't love the speed shrine, I think I'd prefer something along the lines of a buff mob in it's place. Red buff would be too strong on this map though, maybe something similar but weaker or something different (Weaker buff mob that provides a speed buff? Maybe you have to capt the speed shrine to use it and it provides a smaller buff. idk

4. True, but at the same time wards would make the map extremely stagnant. You buy 1-2 each and then the entire map is completely revealed (Or at least everywhere that matters) either they'd have to up the prices big time to make it more of a commitment, lower the sight range of wards (maybe give them an "early alert" style, you see a red exclamantion point in the fog of war or on the map, but only when almost passed over entirely and you don't see which champion/how many champions are there)

5. I don't mind trying to turn the new Shadow Isles into it's own thing, rather than being SR light. However I do hope they make it a bit less dominion like.