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I am an avid fan of the old TT, so much so that a few friends and I decided to make a ranked team, where on the old TT it was all good and fun. Things changed in a bad way when the new TT came out, to me the map feels like an open battle pit mixed with hints of dominion. I as a classic TT fan (and have been playing for about 3 years now) have given up on riot. It seems that once they have something good (or close to it) they just throw it away. playing ranked 5's for some time and I am giving up on the too. I started at 1000 elo (after placement) and worked my way up to 1312...then got trolls and leaver and now down to 900. The problem with 5's is that you always have a few people who just can't shut up and play, or being so verbal about how every one but them is doing bad etc. it just ruins the whole experience. Done trying just gunna leave league and go play a game that keeps its fans happy...like WoW or BF3 or something that isnt full of trolls and a company who would rather **** on its fans/players than listen to them.

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To quit a game because one aspect has been changed doesn't make much sense, especially when that one aspect is still in beta testing. There's no way for Riot to keep all of its members happy-every time something changes, some people get angrier, some people get happier.

The new TT is the same way. I'm not personally a fan of it, but I'm not quitting the game because of it. Testing new things in a game is the only way to progress it for those who play. You say WoW keeps their players happy? How many people have quit over the years because they didn't like when the focus changed to be completely about endgame content?

Blizzard doesn't beta test on an open scale like Riot does. They give a new "idea" to the players, sell it as an expansion, and say "take it or leave it." Riot, however, beta tests and has forums in which they ask for feedback, and keep or discard changes based on what will keep the greater majority of their players happy.

In short, I guess what I'm trying to say is, quitting the game because of beta testing makes no sense at all. Instead, post constructive feedback on the forums, maybe learn the new map the same way you did the old one, try to evolve with the game. If every game stayed the same forever, and everyone was okay with that, we'd all still be playing Halo and rocking a pistol/rocket launcher combo.

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I like how it's always "I worked my way up in Elo" but never "I messed up personally and dropped elo."

Because clearly, you couldn't have been carried to 1300's and you obviously had a leaver/feeder every game you lost. It was never your fault of course.