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Thoughtful Twisted Treeline Feedback

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I know a lot of people don't like the new map, but there are several things I do like:
-pretty impossible to pull creeps to fountain and turtle games to infinite time
-jungle much more regular and centered
-bonus gold contributing to faster paced environment
-broken up walls so characters that already can hop over things don't get even more utility

Things I am not sure about or don't like:
-creep block is a huge problem in the games ive played. Many times my team or my opponents are blocked simply because there is a line of creeps that span across the entire width of the lane. This is probably due to how their AI works, but I think the narrowness of the lanes also contributes.
-creep aggro seems weird. I accidentally pulled at least 12 creeps all the way from one spider entrance to the other and around. Is this supposed to happen?
-I find the altar's interesting and I like the idea of teamwide buffs, but something seems missing about them.
-On a related altar note, fighting or posturing around an altar before creeps spawn has happened in probably 2/3 or more of the 10 to 15 games I have played so far and I am not a fan. I suppose this should be a legitimate strategy, like stealing jungle buffs in 5's, but the frequency it happens makes me feel like something should be changed to make a game more dynamic.
-Malphite seems just as good as in 5s, if not better simply because a) he's even harder to kill with only 3 people and b) opponents on an altar provide a perfect opportunity for a malphite ult that will greatly throw an ensuing team fight in the Malphite's team's favor.
-Just as above, Singed also seems just as if not more ridiculous as in 5's, being harder to kill (like Malphite), and due to the Black Torch item ticking with his poison. I know people have done math talking about it being worse than other items on him, but the fact that it gives health, mana (more health) and a significant amount of damage to each tick of his poison has seems rather imbalancing in the games I have played him or played against him.

I realize these are just my opinions and people will disagree. I am actually very impressed with how much passion I see involving twisted treeline. Good luck to everyone out there exploring the beta and please remember that it is just a beta and have fun.