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Nerf long range and tanks

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MSA JercioShade

Junior Member


I've been playing the beta for a while, and while I admit the upgrades are great two kinds of champs seem to be very over powered here.

Champs with very long range mostly in their ults like TF and Ziggs can use their ults anywhere on this map. due to its small size it makes their ults nearly global. Either a damage reduction or range reduction of some sort would give these champs a bit less control of the world. also since the map is so small its harder to miss champs, and your allies do give you sight much more often.

bit of an offshoot but the wall between the spider and the top lane should thicken a bit so jumps cant be made over it at least in the middle.

Tanks also seem to dominate here in the late game. due to the small map tanks can join in for all the fight instead of having to slowly make their way to join or prepare before. the tank can out last any team if they have the attack bonuses since they can build tanky and then get a boost to dmg anyways. along with that since you cant interrupt capping (as far as I have seen) tanks can cap a lot easier.

while here I'd jsut like to say I do love the new mode, but beta is beta and things should change.