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Joe Lauzon

Senior Member


Like Draven? Ha, what am I saying, everyone loves Draaaaaaaaven.
Follow Him on twitter for wonderful tales of his awesomeness.
http://twitter.com/DravenOP (http://twitter.com/DravenOP)

Latest story:

*Rises to the sound of loud crash* The hell? *Walks up to his door and swings it open with great force* Oh.

*He looks deeply into the eyes of Darius, standing right outside his gate* What do you want, I told you never to come around my home.

*Darius replies* "Long time no see brother. Im here to collect what is mine." *Draven now has a face of pure terror, as if he knew this would happen*

*Takes a step toward his brother*
Oh? Well How do you plan to do that? *Darius raises his axe and speaks* "Ill do what I must."

*Could this be it? The battle all of Noxus feared? The blood brothers giving the city a battle to the end... It seems so.*

*Then, Seemingly timed, Both brothers start laughing uncontrollably. Dravens the first to speak*

Hahaha! Get inside you big fool, lets have a drink.

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Senior Member


Same as always, downvote and walk away.