Why does mid have to be an ap caster?

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The long and the short of it is this: You can pick a non-AP carry mid if the following to conditions are met:

1) You are more than confident that you will win the lane and shut down the enemy AP mid.
2) Your jungle or top lane is an AP carry.

So if you send like a Mordekaiser top and a Diana to the jungle, then yea, you could take a Talon, Pantheon, Riven, whoever you want mid. Again, as long as you're confident you can win the mid-lane match up.

And honestly, even if all you do is force the enemy AP Carry top, you're still possibly winning. Here's why.

If you've taken someone like Riven mid lane, well that's typically a solotop champion. She'll be able to handle whoever the AP carry swaps top lane with, so Riven won't be at any sort of extra disadvantage unless the top laner happens to be a Riven counter (in which case you shouldn't've taken Riven). But even if it is a Riven counter, the lane is shorter so Riven is safer than she would be top lane.

Meanwhile, the AP carry has swapped up to top lane. The long, scary lane with a brush that junglers like to put a tent in and camp. In the mid-lane, that squishy AP carry can be hard to gank because the turret as so close. But that AP carry doesn't have to get very far out of position in top lane to be an easy gank up there.

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The main reason AP carries are chosen to go mid is because they can farm from a distance and do aoe damage. So typically your AP carries go mid because they benefit from the farm they get and they trade well with other APs. ex:

However, there is an advantage sometimes to go mid with an AD because they can overpower the ap because of their sustain early game and a intially higher damage. an example of this is talon. Talon is one of the most used AD carries mid because he can counter a lot of the mid ap casters. Here are some examples of AD carries that are decent that i've seen go mid: