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Client crash on TT2 ?

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The last 3 games I have played on the new TT map have crashed every single time at 5:30 into the game almost exaclty in all 3 games, someone on the opposing team experienced the same problem the same time I did (playing Shaco), The game screen freezes making you Force close the program via task manager, I attempt to reconnect to the game and it refuses to reconnect me, bringing up the LoL logo and then nothing. Force closing the Launcher and Client works, however League of Legends.exe will not end or close without a full reboot, then it connects fine as if nothing was wrong and the rest of the game plays smoothly, ALL other game modes and types play fine and with no problems, it's only on the new TT map that it crashes, I know this is the Beta version of it but I am wondering if anyone else is having this happen to them, also doubt this matters but all 3 games I was playing as Ezreal. I thought maybe a file was corrupted in during the patch download so I redownloaded and used the repair wizard after the 2nd game crash, and it still happened the 3rd time I tried playing so I have no clue what to do now..