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New Twisted Treeline..

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I have to say this.

It doesn't feel like the Twisted Treeline anymore.

One: Contesting "Dragon" (Vilemaw) laughable, there is no contesting it anymore, why? Because no one pays attention to the map boss, the Altars are far easier to get, AND they give just about the same amount of rewards, if not better over the long run. The only time Vilemaw is ever killed, is if one team has a significant advantage over the other, and just leads to more snowballing, hard.

Two: Lack of wards makes counter plays and such nearly impossible. "Oh, just pick teemo lulz" shouldn't be the only way to set up ways to screw with your enemies, as it stands now it's nothing but control altars and mindlessly farm or chase people around to kill them for 25 minutes, THEN remember there's towers in existence and decide to blow them up.

Three: Speed shrine in the center is laughable, it barely even gives any form of speed boost AND it begins to decay immediately, I swear does it give like a 2.5% MS buff or something? It certainly isn't something you can use to get around quickly or escape from someone.

Four: Altars, joy. Instead of focusing on farming, warding vital areas, and being careful, people are now just wandering blindly through jungles and camping altars, stealing altars, and just screwing with each other more often then not, taking towers and nexus's don't feel like an "Objective" until about 20+ minutes into the game, I've seen games go 30 minutes without a tower dropping, why? because no one gave a damn, there was too much else to be worried about. Also, on another note, defending alters is next to impossible unless you constantly have people in the jungle whom are enough of a threat to chase someone off an alter, why? because it doesn't matter if you attack them, you have to physically be on the alter with them to be able to stop the capture, or force them off, I can't count the number of times a shen just steals onto our altar does a little dance in the small amount of time it takes him to cap it, then just shadow dash away laughing as the altar locks for a full minute and there's nothing you can do about it. Why? Because the only "Vision" you get is when they step on the altar, you have no idea if / when they are coming, especially if your jungler just happened to be back at base buying his items (If you have a jungler, most people I've been grouped with don't)

Five: What the hell is up with the bushes? They are like scattered around in the most odd ways possible, it's almost like a dotted line alone the sides of the lanes, and they are at the most random areas of the map as well, half of these I don't even see any strategic advantage to, and some of them I only figured out they were there due to the fact I accidently walked into them going back to base or back out to lane.

Positive things about the change:

There are a few I'd like to mention, the balancing of making a fair amount of walls un-jumpable to make leap champions and comps have an advantage was a nice touch.

The new jungle path is nice, especially the the small bonus starting gold, makes jungling a fair amount easier then before.

Some of the items have made it to where a few champions are a fair amount more viable, and this is nice.


I would suggest if not removing the altars, change the way they are captured and how long they have to sit on one teams control before being reclaimed, or better yet, remove the useless speed shrine, and make a center Altar that can be captured for a buff for whatever team you are on.

Put wards back into the game, I don't like the fact there are no wards at all in the game, any sort of reveal is very temporary and usually just depends on luck if you find anyone.

Do something with the bushes, most of them don't even make sense!

Find some way to make the Altars seem like less of an objective then towers, if you want a fast paced game, you shouldn't put so much focus on something that doesn't END the game.


Just my personal review of the New Twisted Treeline, it's mostly just my personal opinion, take it how you will, but in the current state that Twisted Treeline is in, I doubt I will be playing it much anymore, I'll just go back to Summoners Rift where tactics are actually useful.

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1 - The mini boss is quite important, beware of jax an other character who can solo it easily.

2 - You need to adjust your gameplay, have people scouting instead of jungling.

3 - The speed shrine is a bit laughable indeed.

4 - Actually having one altar is a requirement for efficient farming/jungling. The main use of them is to incentive invasions.

5 - The brush near the first turret allows ganks with tower diving, the others mostly only help Rengar :P
Well even Summoner's Rift had poor brushes when it was released.

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It actually became more tanky DPS oriented because they gave them something called items made for bruisers like blade of the ruined king and other stuff like Blackfire torch.

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how many threads like this until riot listens?
or will they just keep ignoring us?