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Do you think Most old Harrowing Skins need an Upgrade?

Yes 3 60%
No 2 40%
Voters 5 .

Zombie Ryze needs an Upgrade.

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Junior Member


Of all the skins I have purchased in my years of playing LoL, The one that has disappointed me the most is the Zombie Ryze skin. I have had it since it came out a few years back and most people now have never seen it. When you see the skins art in the login screen, it looks epic, but once the game starts. Everyone is looking for Zombie Ryze while they are looking at Hobo Ryze. This definitely needs to have something done about it. Change the way he runs. Have him drag one of his legs. Make his aura be like a green mist. And give some effects to his abilities. This is a long overdue change. Hobo Ryze needs to be retired and Zombie Ryze needs to Rise.

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Timid Gengar

Senior Member


Lol Hobo Ryze