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Please do more...

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So for those that didn't already know, if you open the League of Legends launcher and go to the login menu but don't log in, at this current time, elise will begin telling a story. Don't want to spoil the story, cause it's pretty epic, so go check it out for yourselves. My main thing is that, well, this way of doing logins is kind of awesome. I really wish you did this more often, where the VA of the champ will speak during login. So...you know...you should keep doing it, like...idk, with the next champ coming out? Also, i should just point out that the art is amazing for elise. Really gave me the creeps(I think it was intended :/)

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I like that they wanted to give her more of a spotlight in terms of lore, but it almost sounds like her dialogue is getting dragged a little bit. I think that it would be better if they could create a song out of the lore, like what they did for Diana. I still listen to it because it just works so well and is a great song by itself.