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Personal observations on how items should be changed

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First of all I would like to ask that you do not up or down vote this post for a singular idea, just the overall idea. If you think any of these specifics are worth mentioning please make a voicing your agreement or disagreement with what I think. Also please remember, these changes are for balance so that people can actually take the mode more seriously.

So let me start by saying that I think a lot of dominions balance issues can be fixed by balancing items.
However it is a delicate balance and should be done with care.


First item I would like to bring up is Lord Van Damm's Pillager.
Please do not bring this item over, I know a lot of people talk about it being brought over and I understand why, I love that item but I honestly feel AD bruisers/casters are already the most important and prominent class in dominion. Yes I well balanced team can beat a team full of them, but they are the leading force in almost every game of dominion I play when they are there.

Next I would like to say that overlord's bloodmail is perfect and should be brought over.
However I believe if it is frozen mallet should be removed, it again is an item I love but I feel it is far to powerful an item, and the only item I hear getting consistantly bashed for being too strong.
Before I didn't want it to be removed dispite having entropy because it was one of the few good health items left. However with the introduction of a bloodmail alternative I think that it would be a mistake not to make these changes.

Next I will mention Wooglet's Witch Cap and simply say this would be great for dominion.

Next I'll mention blackfire torch, again please do not add. I feel this item is a great bonus for many tanks, but I feel if we give them many more items that they will become the new AD bruiser/casters of dominion, only more frustrating because they will be even harder to kill.

And as a general idea I think a new inexpensive item or two for mages would be good (Still keeping Wooglet's Witch Cap in mind).

I also feel like AD carries are still important but not as quite as optimal as they could be.
I feel like like bringing back Stark's Fervor (or something closer to it's power level and with similar attributes) instead of Zeke's Herald would be a healthy step for dominion, and one or two other things and I would be satisfied that those roles were a little more secure.